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CBFWS Program

CBFWS has been a blessing. I am getting experience in my field of study and I have the opportunity to meet new and amazing people who can guide me into the foundation of my career. Tommy (PAC)

Agency: Mitchell Lake Audubon Center
Job Title: Environmental Education Intern
Career Goal: Zoologist/Conservationist
CBFWS - Tommy
CBFWS has been a blessing. I am getting experience in my field of study and I have the opportunity to meet new and amazing people who can guide me into the foundation of my career. Tommy (PAC)

Agency: Mitchell Lake Audubon Center
Job Title: Environmental Education Intern
Career Goal: Zoologist/Conservationist

My CBFWS job enabled me to test the real work environment. I have experienced concepts I have learned about in class like being proactive, managing time and working being a team member. My supervisor provided me with many valuable experiences. Elangwe (SPC)

Agency: City of Universal City
Job Title: Assistant to the Office of the City Manager
Career Goal: Actuary/Entrepreneur

CBFWS - Jonathan

The CBFWS program allowed me to give back to the community as I developed real-world transferable skills sought by employers. This experience was humbling, rewarding, and as valuable in the knowledge gained as what I would learn in class. Jonathan (PAC)

Agency: American Indians of Texas
Job Title: Archival Research Head
Career Goal: Social Entrepreneur/Solutions Consultant


My CBFWS position provided me with experience for my major, Secondary Education. I worked with youth in school, and participated in community outreach events. CBFWS has influenced my dedication to my school and community. Debbie (NLC)

Agency: Family Service Association, Inc.
Job Title: Youth Education & Career Services Assistant
Career Goal: Secondary Educator (Special Education/ESL English) 


As I aggressively pursue an engineering degree, I am grateful to get hands-on field experience and get paid doing so. CBFWS will allow me to stand out from others pursuing the same degree. Kevin (PAC)

Agency: Communities in Schools SA-Harlandale ISD
Job Title: STEM Club Assistant
Career Goal: Mechanical Engineer (USAF) 

CBFWS - Maria
My CBFWS job gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue my career. Being in a Community Work-Study student also helped me make better decisions on approaching my career. Maria (PAC)

Agency: San Antonio CAN High School
Job Title: Development Assistant
Career Goal: MSW-Social Worker
CBFWS - Virginia
I held my CBFWS position for two years. I was privileged to work in the education field; it is my field of study. I gained experiences and knowledge that I will use as a teacher in my own classroom one day. Virginia (NLC)

Agency: Communities in Schools-New Braunfels
Job Title: Tutor/Mentor
Career Goal: Elementary School Educator
CBFWS - Adriana
Alamo Colleges is a great place to learn and work as I pursue a teaching degree. My work-study experience at a Head Start program has given me the opportunity to see and experience the world of teaching. Adriana (PAC)

Agency: Avance-SA
Job Title: Head Start Program Receptionist
Career Goal: Early Childhood Educator

Community-Based Federal Work-Study Program (CBFWS)

What is the Alamo Colleges District CBFWS Program?

The Alamo Colleges District Community-Based Federal Work Study Program matches federal financial aid eligible students with part-time employment at agencies, both non-profit and governmental, serving the public interest. These positions help develop students’ career and academic interests and increase their commitment to participating in positive social change.

APPLY NOW at for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.


What are the benefits of a CBFWS job verses on the college campus?

 Students have the potential to

  •  Gain career pathway experience
  •  Acquire additional clarity on their career choice
  •  See the community’s needs and contribute to the welfare of others
  •  Make contacts with professionals who can help students later when seeking a job
  •  Obtain other opportunities such as an internship or a regular position

    What are some possible challenges to working at a community agency?

    Students will find that

  •  Reliable transportation is expected
  •  Travel time to the work site needs to be considered
  •  Workplace etiquette and professionalism is expected by agency co-workers and clients
  •  Thoughtfulness about dress needs to be considered
  •  Agencies will likely depend on a work-study student's consistent and regular work schedule

    How do students qualify to participate in the Alamo Colleges District CBFWS Program?

  •  Be eligible for Federal College Work-Study (complete the FAFSA at
  •  Submit the Community-Based Federal Work Study Application (
  •  Submit a resume
  •  Complete the Alamo College Hiring Process which includes a background check
  •  Remain enrolled in a minimum of six college hours for the duration of the semester

    What is the likelihood of being selected for a CBFWS job?

    Funds for this program are limited; therefore, students will be selected through a competitive process for the positions available for the 2017-2018 academic year. The agencies will interview, select and hire the individuals they believe are a good match for the position and for the agency.


    What is the selection process after submitting an application and resume?

    1. Alamo Colleges District will (a) review the applications and resumes, (b) match the applications to the available positions, (c) submit matched resumes to the agency, and (d) notify the applicants that their resume has been forwarded to an agency.

    2. The Community Agency will (a) review the resume, (b) contact the applicants they want to interview, (c) interview the applicants, (d) select the applicant, (e) contact the applicant with the job offer, and (f) notify the Alamo Colleges District.

    3. The Student will (a) read the CBFWS Handbook and complete the online assessment, (c) begin employment at the agency once the semester begins, and (c) attend the required four-hour orientation


    How are students matched with community agencies?

    The community agencies provide the Alamo Colleges District with position descriptions which outline the prospective employee's roles and responsibilities and the type of work experience (if any), skills sets and academic background they are seeking in the employee. Students' resumes are reviewed for a match with the agencies' needsEffort is made to match students' career goal with the position(s) available. 


    How many hours are students expected to work?

    Students will work a maximum of 15 hours per week, like on-campus work-study students, and will determine their weekly schedule with their supervisor taking into consideration the student's class schedule. In general, students should attempt to keep a regular working schedule.

    How are students paid?

    The rate of pay is $9.00 per hour, the same as working on-campus wok-study students. Students are paid for orientation, training sessions, and work team meetings. Payment will be made according to terms established by the Federal Work-Study Program.

    What type of positions are available through the Alamo Colleges District CBFWS Program?

    The following is a brief representation of the over 100 positions available through the CBFWS program. On occasion, positions are created for students who have special interests or skill sets.

    Accounting Assistant Environmental Science Technician Marketing Associate
    Afterschool Program Assistant Farmers Market Assistant Media Intern
    Animal Care Receptionist Finance Assistant Radio Production Intern
    Archival Assistant Garden Worker Real Estate Leasing Assistant
    Business Administration Intern Graphic Designer Social Service Worker
    Chemical Dependency Prevention Intern Health Clinic Assistant STEM Club Assistant
    Child Development Teacher Hospital Community Liaison Theater Scenic Assistant
    Community Kitchen Intern HR Specialist Theater Box Office Attendant
    Data and Records Assistant IT Specialist Wellness Center Assistant
    Disability and Mental Health Assistant Library Assistant Youth Group Facilitator

    Which community agencies are partnered with Alamo Colleges District to provide these employment opportunities?

    Below is a list of some of the agencies that are eager to hire Alamo Colleges District work-study students. Applicants may apply ONLY through the Alamo Colleges District Community-Based Federal Work-Study Program ( 

    American Indians of Texas Daughters Of Charity Services of SA SA Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse
    American Volkssport Association Down Syndrome Association Texas SA Food Bank
    Any Baby Can of SA Edwards Aquifer Authority SA Lighthouse for the Blind
    Avance-SA Family Service Association, Inc. SA Works
    Catholic Charities Services Girls Inc. of SA SAMMinistries
    Children's Bereavement Center Good Samaritan Community Svcs. San Antonio CAN High School
    Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Methodist Healthcare Ministries Texas Public Radio
    City of SA Public Library Mexican American Unity Council United Way Comal
    City of Universal City Mitchell Lake Audubon Center University Health System
    Communities in Schools Playhouse SA YMCA


    Is the Alamo Colleges Community-Based Federal Work-Study Program a good fit for you?

    • Do you have reliable transportation?
    • Do you enjoy working in and contributing to the community?
    • Can you commit to at least one, ideally two, semesters of a community-based federal work-study assignment?
    • Are you able to be punctual and work at the scheduled time each week?
    • Can you maintain regular communication with an immediate supervisor?
    • Are you agreeable to completing a four-hour Community-Based Federal Work-Study Program student orientation?

    APPLY NOW at for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.


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