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Appeal Submission time frame for: 

  Summer  - No Appeal Process

   Fall 2015 - May 1 - June 30, 2015

  Spring 2016 - September 16 - October 31, 2015


The on-line appeal process has been improved for this upcoming school year, we no longer have a paper process and the appeal is available in the students' ACES portal.

Once the June 30 or October 31 final deadline to submit an appeal has passed, students on suspension can still enroll however they are not eligible to receive financial aid.  

If your appeal is approved, it is approved through the end term date assigned by the counselor or advisor who assisted to complete the appeal, or as assigned by the appeal committee. Your academic progress is checked at the end of each semester to make sure SAP is being met. At any point SAP is not met, you will be placed back on financial aid suspension and no longer qualify to receive aid. 


 Q. I have been out of college for a number of semesters or years, how can I be on suspension?

 A. Your academic history, including hours transferred into Alamo Colleges is cumulative & never resets itself. Once you are in violation of SAP requirements, the suspension status remains until an appeal is approved or sufficient progress is made.  Transferred hours count towards maximum attempted hours.

Q.I've been removed from Academic Dismissal or am approved for Academic Fresh Start, does this remove me from financial aid suspension?

A. No. An approved petition or Academic Fresh Start does not impact your financial aid suspension. Only an appeal approved through the financial aid appeal committee can reinstate students. 

Q. I'm on financial aid suspension, can I still apply for a Direct Loan?

A. No, your suspension status impacts all eligibility for federal aid including Direct Loans. 

Q. After submitting my appeal, how do I monitor the status?

You can monitor the status of your appeal in your ACES Financial Aid portal. 

 Q. Is there anyway to expedite the review of my appeal?

A. No, appeals are reviewed in date submitted order, according to the date they are received. 

Q. How long will it take to receive a decision?

A. The review time can take up to 6 weeks and there is no guarantee your appeal will be approved. 

Q. How will i be notified whether my Appeal is approved or denied?

A.  A message will be sent to your ACES Financial Aid portal. 

 Q. If my appeal is denied can I petition the decision?

A. No, the committee decision is final.

Q. If I submitted my appeal before the Priority Processing Date, does this impact the processing time?

A. No, the Priority Processing Date does not apply to Financial Aid Appeals for Reinstatement.