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Alamo Colleges' Library Information

St. Philip's College
• MLK Campus Library
• Southwest Campus Library

Finance and Fiscal Services

Name Title Phone Email
Pamela K. Ansboury, CPA, M.Ed Associate Vice Chancellor 210-485-0301
Ann DeBarros, CPA, MBA Comptroller 210-485-0374
Helen Ochoa Administrative Assistant 210-485-0301


Accounts Payable

Name Title Phone Email
Linda Garza Disbursement Director 210-485-0327
Rosa Bertran Accounts Payable Manager 210-485-0322
Aracely Flores Assistant Accounts Payable Manager 210-485-0314
Jennifer Ortega Accounts Payable Clerk Lead 210-485-0319
Santa Ramirez Accounts Payable Clerk Lead 210-485-0313
Nancy Johnston Accounts Payable Clerk Lead 210-485-0339
Pam Shepherd Accounts Payable Clerk Lead 210-485-0318
Rachel Valdez Accounts Payable Clerk Lead 210-485-0317
Arlene Gonzales Accounts Payable Clerk 210-485-0360



Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Chief Budget Officer    
Ber-name Shaw Assistant Budget Officer 210-485-0306
Mark Doehne Assistant Budget Officer 210-485-0304


General Accounting/Reporting

Name Title Phone Email
Sheila Duke Accounting Director 210-485-0488
Jose Rodriguez, CPA Assistant Comptroller (Financial Reporting) 210-485-0312
Mark Martinez Assistant Comptroller (General Accounting) 210-485-0326
Daryl Hill, CPA Senior Financial Analyst (Fixed Assets) 210-485-0328
Minal Shah Senior Financial Analyst (Reporting) 210-485-0356
Paul Perryman, Jr. Senior Financial Analyst (Reconciliations) 210-485-0331
Sabiha Swenson-Sierra, CPA Senior Financial Analyst (General Accounting) 210-485-0343
Carlos Ramos Accountant 210-485-0309
Gloria Gonzales Accountant 210-485-0380
Hanh Alvarado Accountant 210-485-0372
Irma Skaggs Accountant 210-485-0330
Mel Sifuentez Accounting Clerk IV 210-485-0347


Grants and Contracts

Name Title Phone Email
Cecilia V. Martinez District Grants and Contracts Director 210-485-0383
Rosalie O. Manzano District Grants Coordinator 210-485-0382
Lorri Wells Grants Accounting Manager 210-485-0348
Mary Bosmans Grants Accountant 210-485-0361
Rosalba Garcia Grants Accountant 210-485-0349
Sylvia Medina Grants Accountant 210-485-0350


Inventory Control

Name Title Phone Email
Gina Lopez District Inventory Control Manager (All Sites) 210-485-0186
Jorge Flores Accounting Analyst (DST, SAC, Off Sites) 210-486-0185
Paul Dunn Inventory Control Specialist (PAC, SPC, SWC) 210-486-0184
Gabriel Urquidez Inventory Control Specialist (NLC, NVC) 210-486-0187



Name Title Phone Email
Linda Garza Disbursement Director 210-485-0327
Marvel Bailey Payroll Manager 210-485-0336
Becky Cortez Assistant Payroll Manager 210-485-0315
Aurora Gusme Senior Payroll Assistant 210-485-0361
Debbie Sankey Senior Payroll Assistant 210-485-0333
Linda Loessberg Senior Payroll Assistant 210-485-0337
Martha Vasquez Senior Payroll Assistant 210-485-0553
Noemi Delgado Senior Payroll Assistant 210-485-0338


Purchasing and Contract Administration

Name Title Phone Email
Gary O'Bar, C.P.M. Director 210-485-0102
Karen Gottfried Contracting Coordinator (T2, T6) 210-485-0122
Jeremy Taub Contracting Coordinator (T8) 210-485-0131
Priscilda Garza Senior Purchaser (T3) (Academic Supplies) 210-485-0056
Charles Johnson Contracting Coordinator
(SMWBE Diversity)
Andrea Manez District Project Coordinator
(Campus Cards)
Velma Willard P-Card Administrator 210-485-0100
Margie Regalado Contracting Coordinator 210-485-0108
Carla Guerra Purchaser (T1)
Elizabeth Alvarado Contracting Coordinator
(Contract Administration)
Cynthia Tomlinson Senior Purchaser (T2)
(Furniture, Facilities and Maintenance)
Macaria Duran Purchaser (T3)
(Academic Supplies)
Tina Farias Senior Purchaser (T5)
(Construction Services)
Karina Pena Purchaser (T5)
(Facilities and Maintenance)
Irma Perez Senior Secretary (Surplus Property) 210-485-0125
Nikki Smith Senior Purchaser (T1) (Technology) 210-485-0132
Elisa Nava-Garcia Purchaser (T2) (Furniture, Facilities, Maintenance) 210-485-0054
Sabina Swank Administrative Services Specialist 210-485-0100


Records Management Services

Name Title Phone Email
Diane Burress, M.L.I.S. Chief Records Officer 210-485-0061
David Aguilar Records Analyst 210-485-0717
John Loessberg Records Analyst 210-485-0718



Name Title Phone Email
Tracey Sulak Bedwell, CTP, MBA Treasurer 210-485-0342
Rosaura Ramirez, CTP, CPA Accountant 210-485-0334