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What is Alamo GPS?

Alamo GPS is an easy-to-read web-based degree audit program and an academic advisement tool designed to help you understand the degree requirements for your major. Alamo GPS looks at the degree requirements of the Alamo Colleges catalog and the completed coursework to produce an easy-to-read audit. The audit is divided into block requirements of how courses taken or proposed count toward degree requirements. Checkboxes exist within each block to easily outline what courses and requirements are complete. Alamo GPS also allows students and their advisors to plan for future coursework for your degree.

How do I access Alamo GPS?

Log in to ACES using your usual ID and password. Alamo GPS is readily accessible through your Homepage and Student tab.

What are the Benefits of Alamo GPS?

Alamo GPS helps you: 
  • learn the degree requirements for your major - it lists the courses in your major that fulfill the general education requirements, and which courses you need to graduate 
  • identify courses needed to complete your degree 
  • see which courses you have completed in your major 
  • see what courses you have taken that do not count towards your major 
  • view the grades, transfer credits, or waivers applied to your transcript 
  • confirm your grade-point average (GPA). 
  • find out, before you officially change your major, how the courses completed meet the new major requirements 
  • view waivers, petitions and exemptions applied toward degree 
  • estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate 
  • select the right courses for the next semester or session.

For which students will Alamo GPS produce a degree audit?

Alamo GPS will provide an audit for students admitted under the 2010-11 catalog year or later. If a student has not had admission or registration activity in the past year, that student will automatically be updated to the most current catalog upon their enrollment at the Alamo Colleges.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. Like other processes you use through the ACES portal, Alamo GPS is accessed through your secure log in. Remember that your advisor, faculty, and authorized staff will be able to view the information contained in Alamo GPS.

Who can see my Alamo GPS audit?

You can access your Alamo GPS audit through ACES. Staff advisors, faculty advisors, college Deans, and selected staff in the Enrollment Services / Admissions and Records office will also have access to your audit.

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor can be a faculty member in your major or a professional advisor. Check with your college Welcome Center to identify your advisor.

Who can help me understand the online audit and answer any questions about?

Speak with someone at the Welcome or Advisement centers and they will explain your how to use your audit and assist you in clarifying or resolving issues.

When can I use my Alamo GPS audit?

Key times to use your Alamo GPS audit are when: 
  • Reviewing your progress with an academic or major advisor. 
  • Creating a list of questions to discuss with your advisor. 
  • Identifying courses that need to be completed. 
  • Selecting courses that meet your degree requirements. 
  • Determining a projected graduation date. 
  • Choosing a major. 
  • Calculating your GPA in various scenarios

When should I look at my Alamo GPS degree audit?

Any time! Alamo GPS is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from most networked computers. Please note that it takes a few seconds to apply your coursework toward various degree requirements. 

  • Before meeting with an academic advisor, login to Alamo GPS and review your audit. 
  • Before registration, review your audit and use it to plan your schedule for the next semester. It is recommended that you plan each semester schedule with your advisor. 
  • After registration, confirm that the courses selected complete the requirements you still need. 
  • View your audit after grades are posted. 
  • Before you apply for graduation, review your audit to make sure you will have completed all degree requirements by the end of the semester of your intended graduation.

Is my degree audit the same as my Alamo Colleges transcript?

No. Alamo GPS is not your academic transcript, nor is it an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Your Alamo Colleges transcript is arranged by each semester and is the final and official documentation of your academic record at the Alamo Colleges.  The online degree audit is a computerized program that displays your academic information based on official requirements as spelled out in the bulletin and other sources.

Can I use my audit instead of a transcript if I want to transfer to another college?

The online audit is not an official transcript – all colleges require an official transcript to evaluate your credits.

I just submitted an Academic Petition, Change of Major form, Change of Grade form, or added/dropped a class. When will it appear in my audit?

Our system is automatically refreshed and updated once a semester after grades are posted, so any changes made to your account should appear in Alamo GPS the day after grades are processed.  Your advisor may manually update your record at any time. Please note that it may take days or weeks before a document is received and processed and your audit is ready to be updated. 

Do I automatically graduate if everything is checked off?

In order to graduate, you must file an application for graduation with the Enrollment Services / Admissions and Records office. There is no fee for this application.  Applications may be obtained and filed online through ACES Web Services.