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How does Alamo GPS determine which set of degree requirements to use?

Alamo GPS uses a student’s College, Major and Catalog Year to determine the set of degree requirements to use when producing a degree audit.

What is a Catalog Year?

The catalog year determines which catalog/degree requirements students follow to obtain a degree. Students have five years from the time a major/degree is declared to complete the requirements. The What If function can be used to view how a student’s coursework is used toward a degree under a Fall 2010 or later catalog. Students wanting to use Alamo GPS audit may update the catalog year to Fall 2010 or later through their college’s enrollment services office.

Am I able to change my catalog year to meet a different set of requirements?

Students may either chose to be audited under their original catalog requirements if it is within the previous five years or the requirements of the catalog active at the time of their graduation. Students may use the What If feature to determine which catalog year requirements are most beneficial.

How do I read my degree audit?

Your DegreeWorks report is divided into various sections and is intended to be read from the top down. Each section contains a specific set of requirements as defined in the official catalog for your degree, major, etc. The Student Header is the first section on the report and contains various academic information. The next section is called the Degree section and contains graduation requirements. The audit lists the overall requirements to earn your degree including core and major requirements. Refer to the individual blocks or sections for details on your specific remaining and satisfied requirements. In-progress courses are listed within the appropriate requirement block and toward the bottom of the audit.  

As you scroll down the report, notice that each section is divided into two columns. The left column lists all requirements and the right column lists the completed or in-progress courses being applied to satisfy the requirements. If a requirement is unmet, a list of the applicable courses are displayed and an unchecked box ( ) is displayed to the left of the requirement(s). Note that all requirements are taken directly from the Fall 2010 or later catalog. If you are following an earlier catalog your specific requirements may be different. 

Once all the requirements are met a check mark ( ) or double squiggle mark ( ) is displayed to left of the Degree title meaning you have unofficially satisfied all of your degree requirements and should apply for graduation. Please refer to the legend at the bottom of your report for the symbol definitions.

What do different Sections / Blocks of my audit represent?

Student Header: Contains current status information, including Name, Student ID, Classification (freshman / sophomore), Alamo Colleges GPA , College / Degree, Major, TSI status, Academic Status, Holds and if you are a Honors student or a Veteran with benefits. 

Progress Bars – These graphics show the progress toward degree completion. The percentage shown in the Requirement bar is calculated from the blocks designated as “complete” within an audit, not actual degree completion. The Credit bar shows progress toward completion of the credits required for the certificate or degree. 

Graduation Checklist:  At the beginning of the audit, all of the requirements are listed in a single section. As requirements are fulfilled, the boxes next to each requirement are checked off. 

Core Curriculum (AA / AS / AAT): The core course requirements that all students must take, which may vary to a slight degree depending on Degree. Each core area is divided into blocks with a list of all the courses that fulfill the requirements of the respective areas. 

Major Requirements (all degrees): The courses listed in this block include degree requirements specific to the major.  For AAS degrees, all courses are listed in this block. Some majors require that students may be referred to their advisor for assistance and/or approval in selecting courses in the Major Requirements block. 

Courses Not Counted Toward Degree Requirements: A listing of duplicate courses (if there are duplicates, the program will automatically select the one with a higher grade and/or more credit hours) or transfer courses for which there is no exact equivalency. 

Insufficient: Listing of courses where grade earned is not a passing grade.

Not Counted:  Developmental courses.

In-Progress: A listing of courses where grade is not yet earned.

How does Alamo GPS know which courses to apply to my degree requirements?

Alamo GPS looks at your program holistically, and places each course using a "best fit" scenario. The "best fit" process will not always be perfect, particularly when multiple possibilities exist. Classes may apply to different sections as you take more courses. Courses that are listed under the Courses Not Applied to Degree or Insufficient blocks do not meet any of the program requirements. If you have a course that does not appear in the area in which you expected, please contact your advisor for assistance.

Does my Alamo GPS audit show all of my coursework, including courses I completed at another university?

The Alamo Colleges must have an official transcript on file showing successful completion of any transfer work and have evaluated the transfer courses before they will appear in Alamo GPS. All courses transferred in from other colleges or taken in the military should show on your degree audit. You need to earn a grade of D or better (or a passing (P) grade) in a transfer course for it to be transferred into the Alamo Colleges. GENL0100 course and a 010000 calendar year

What if my program requires advisor approved electives?

After you and your advisor can choose your approved elective slots, the Enrollment Services / Admissions and Records office must receive written approval from your advisor before this requirement will be complete. We encourage advisors to use the Note feature in AlamoGPS to convey a student's advisor approved electives. Once the note has been added by the appropriate advisor and the enrollment services office has been notified, we can apply the approved course(s) and manually complete the requirement.

Are courses I am currently taking applied to my audit?

Courses you are currently taking or have registered for in a future semester are included in your degree audit. These courses are applied into the requirement block(s) where they meet a specific requirement with a grade of REG for registered. You will also see them grouped in a separate section titled In-progress near the bottom of the Audit. Please be aware that the total credit counts listed near the bottom of your audit include anticipated credits.

How does Alamo GPS handle repeated courses?

Alamo GPS adheres to the Alamo Colleges repeat polices when producing a degree audit.  When undergraduate courses are repeated, the lower grades will be placed in the Insufficient Course Block. The higher grade will be used in the degree audit. 
Note: Courses that are repeatable maybe used by Alamo GPS multiple times.

How do I use Alamo GPS to plan my course schedule?

Requirements with an open, red box at the left are unfulfilled requirements. To the right of each requirement, you'll see a course or a list of courses that you can complete to fulfill each degree requirement. Review your unmet requirements and choose the courses you would like to take. To learn more about the courses and confirm if you have met the prerequisites, click on the underlined course and you will be linked to the Schedule of Classes. From there you can click on the course title to see a description and the prerequisites for the course.

Can I use Alamo GPS to make my schedule, check course availability or register?

Alamo GPS provides information on degree requirements. It allows you to plan for registration.  However, it does not provide information about specific course offerings for a particular semester. You cannot use Alamo GPS to make your schedule because it does not include information on meeting dates, times and room numbers. You also cannot register through Alamo GPS. However, after you have planned what courses you would like to take, you can open ACES at the bottom of your desktop and enter Web Services where you can check open sections, make a schedule and register.

How do I print a copy of my audit?

Just press the Print button in the upper right hand corner of the audit. You may also save a copy as a PDF by clicking the Save As PDF tab.