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I'm thinking about changing my major. How will my current courses be applied toward my new major?

Use the What-If feature by selecting your proposed degree and major and, perhaps, the Alamo College you are attending. The requirements for your selection will appear and you will see how your course-work may be used in the program you are considering.  More than 600 degree plans are available for you to “try on” through What-If.

If I use the "What If" feature, does this mean that I have changed my major?

No. To officially change your major, the change must be documented in your student record in the Banner system. Complete a Change of Major form, have it signed by the appropriate advisor and return it to the Enrollment Services / Admissions and Records office. This form is available from your advisor and college advisement office. 

How do I use the What If feature in Alamo GPS?

The What If feature allows students to create hypothetical degree audits using their current academic history. This function can be used when considering a change in degree or major and will show students how their completed coursework would apply if a change were made. This feature does not officially change a major. Students who wish to officially change their major must meet with an academic advisor and complete the Change of Major form. 

How do I use What If?

Take these steps to view how your courses count in a different major: 

  1. Worksheets tab: Click on What If.
  2. What If block: Select Degree by clicking on drop down. 
  3. What If block: Select Catalog Year by clicking on drop down.
  4. Choose Your Different Areas of Study Block: Select a Program (college / degree). Confirm your choice in the Chosen Areas of Study block. 
  5. Choose Your Different Areas of Study Block Select a Major by clicking on drop. down. Confirm your choice in the Chosen Areas of Study block..
  6. Process What –If  (center, top): Click on tab and the degree plan will appear.
  7. Carefully review how your courses would be applied to this new major. 
  8. Discuss making the change to a new major with an advisor from that department. 
  9. Decide whether you want to change your major or add another major. 


When I run a What If audit to change my catalog year, my substitutions do not show up. Does this mean that they no longer apply?

Although approved substitutions and exceptions may not show up in a What If audit when you change your catalog year, they still may count toward your degree program. All approved petitions will be considered at the time of your graduation, regardless of the catalog under which you choose to graduate.

Will my substitutions still apply after I change my major?

Substitutions and exceptions apply only to the degree and major for which they were approved. If you change your major or degree, a new petition will need to be submitted and approved.

My advisor/instructor told me that a class would work to meet a requirement, but Alamo GPS is not pulling it into that area. What should I do?

Speak to your advisor and be sure that the official substitution/waiver course form has been properly completed, signed and submitted to the enrollment services office.

For students to graduate from an Alamo College, they must meet the requirements of their major program as stated in the catalog. Students should utilize their Alamo GPS audits to verify that all of their requirements are complete and to track petitions. If a substitution or exception is not noted in Alamo GPS, it will not be considered when the graduation audit is completed.