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Welcome to ACES

Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

Support Contacts Helpdesk (210) 485-0555 Weather Line (210) 485-0189


Login to ACES

ACES login


Alamo Colleges' Library Information

St. Philip's College
• MLK Campus Library
• Southwest Campus Library

Will my email address change?

Yes.  All students will be using a new email address format. The new format has a new domain The username portion of the email address will stay the same as your ACES username.

Will faculty and staff email change?

Faculty and staff email accounts have not changed; they are hosted locally on the campus. Faculty/staff accounts will be upgraded to Exchange 2010.

How long will my current email address stay active?

Your current mailbox will remain active and accessible till end of spring break –March18th, 2012. Starting January 3rd, you will not be able to receive any mail in this account, as all the mail will be delivered to the new email account. 

In case you want to save any email message from the old account, you will be able to forward the message to your new email account.

March 19, 2012  GRACE PERIOD ENDS 

Accounts in the “old” Alamo Colleges Student Email system will be purged and NO LONGER BE ACCESSIBLE.

Will I be able to request restoration of student emails?

Once a student has deleted an e-mail, it resides in the trash or recycling folder for approximately one day.  After that, the e-mail is deleted from the servers and cannot be restored.

It is recommended that you maintain a backup of your critical documents manually. 

Am I required to use this email address for students?

All the communication sent by Alamo Colleges uses your official student mail address with the college. Hence you are required to use this mailbox for any communication with Alamo employees.

How do I receive my email on my mobile device?

IOS Devices 

  • On your device, open Settings, then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Tap Add Account… 
  • Tap Exchange
  • Enter the following:
    • Email address –
    • Password - Email Password
    • Description - How you want it to display on your device
  • Tap Next
  • In the Server field, enter
  • Leave domain blank
  • In the username field, enter your email address (
  • Tap Next
  • Select the features you would like to synchronize with your iOS device.
  • Tap Save

Android Devices 

*Process and navigation may vary depending on device and version of Android*    

  • Open account settings and select to add a new account.
  • Tap Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Enter your student email address:
  • Enter your student email password.
  • Tap Next.


(Note: Most Android devices support auto configuration and will enter in the required server information for you. If auto configuration fails, please see Manual setup instructions below.)  

If prompted, select to allow remote security administration. 

Continue configuring your phone and features per your preferences and tap Next.

Give the account a name or keep the default provided and tap Done.


Manual setup

  • Email address –
  • Domain\username –
  • Password – your student email password.
  • Exchange server –
  • Verify Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.
  • Select Next.


If prompted, select to allow remote security administration. 

Continue configuring your phone and features per your preferences and tap Next.

Give the account a name or keep the default provided and tap Done.


    Blackberry Devices 

    *May be different based on specific device settings  


    1. From the BlackBerry home screen, click BlackBerry Setup > Set up Internet E-mail > Add An Email Account. 
    2. Type your e-mail address and password, and then click Next.
    3. If your BlackBerry device can't determine the appropriate server settings, click I will provide the settings to add this email account. 
    4. Scroll down and then click Next. 
    5. Select Internet Service Provider Email (POP/IMAP), and then click Next. 
    6. Type your user name (for example, 
    7. Scroll down and type the name of your e-mail server. For information about how to find your incoming (POP3 or IMAP4) server name, see How do I find the server settings? later in this topic.
    8. Click Next. 
    9. Enter the name of the outgoing server. For information about how to find your outgoing (SMTP) server name, see How do I find the server settings? Later in this topic.
    10. Click OK to complete the setup.


    You can validate and view your phone information from your mailbox by:  

    1. Log in to your email account via ACES.
    2. Select Options in the upper-right corner of your mailbox.
    3. Click See All Options…
    4. Select Phone in the left hand pane.


    Windows Phone 7


    1. From the home screen swipe left to the App list then scroll down and select Settings.
    2. Select Email and Accounts then add an account. 
    3. Select Outlook, and then enter your email address and password:
      • Type in your Email Password (NOT ACES Password). To find it:
        • Access ACES
        • Student Tab
        • Web Services
        • Personal Information
        • View Email Password
        • Your email address will be in the format “”
    4. Leave the domain field blank and tap Sign in. 
    5. A message will appear We couldn’t find your settings, tap Advanced and enter or in the server field. 
    6. Tap Show all settings and change the account name field to Student Email 
    7. Tap Sign in. The account will now synchronize and will appear on your home screen as Student Email. 


    How do I get my email password?

    1. Login to ACES 
    2. Click on the Student tab (located at the top left side of the page). 
    3. Click on the Welcome to ACES Web Services link (located at the top left side of the page). 
    4. Click on the Student link 
    5. Place your mouse cursor over the Personal Info menu (listed at the top). 
    6. Click Email Password. Your password will be displayed as an eight-digit alphanumeric case sensitive password. Example A1b23c4E. 

    How can I move mail from my old mailbox to my new mailbox?

    Simple Solution

    1. After logging into ACES, click on the "E-mail" button
    2. Click into each individual email message and forward them to your new address
    3. Close pop-up email window
    4. Click on "Student E-mail" to view forwarded messages

    Advanced Solution for Outlook Configuration

    1. Click the “Start” button and open the “Control Panel”. 
    2. Double-click the “Mail” icon. 
    3. Click the “Show Profiles” button. 
    4. Click the “Add” button. 
    5. Enter a profile name and click “OK”. This profile name can be any descriptive name for the mailbox you are configuring. 
    6. Check the box labeled “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and click “Next”. 
    7. Choose “Microsoft Exchange” and click “Next”. 
    8. On the next form, do the following: 
      • Enter the “Microsoft Exchange Server” name associated to your mailbox: “ACCDMAIL0”. 
      • Check the box titled “Use Cached Exchange Mode”. 
      • Enter the username associated to the mailbox to be 
      • DO NOT click the “Check Name” button. It is not necessary. 
      • Click the “More Settings” button. Note: You will experience a delay at this point while Outlook attempts to resolve the username. This may take up to a couple of minutes, depending on your Internet speed. Eventually this will fail and you will be given a dialog box to alter your information. Simply click the “Cancel” button to proceed on.
    9. Click the “Connections” tab. 
    10. Check the “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” checkbox. 
    11. Click the “Exchange Proxy Settings…” button. 
    12. Several settings need to be set on the subsequent form. 
      • The URL setting for the proxy server should be set to “”. 
      • “Connect using SSL only” should be checked. 
      • “On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP” should be checked. 
      • “On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP” should be checked. 
      • The proxy authentication setting should be set to “Basic Authentication”. 
      • Click the “OK” button. 
    13. You will be given a dialog box congratulating you on a successful configuration. Click the “Finish” button on this form. 
    14. You will now see your new profile listed. At this point you have two options: 
    15. Choose “Always use this profile” and select your new profile in the drop down list. 
    16. Or, choose “Prompt for a profile to be used” which causes Outlook to prompt you each time it is opened of the profile you wish to open. 
    17. Click “OK” and close “Control Panel”. 


    At this point you have Outlook configured. You can now open Outlook and ensure your settings are correct. Keep in mind, if you chose to have Outlook prompt you for a profile, you may be offered a list of profiles to choose from. In this case, select your new profile and choose “OK”. 

    To connect to the mailbox, you will be required to enter the username and password combination which has rights to the mailbox. As always, make sure to precede your username with “root\ACESID”. 


    I have another email account I want to send my email to, how can I forward my email there?


    Your mailbox is the official preferred method of email communication. However, if you have another preferred email account, you can follow the below steps to set up an automatic email forward. Please be aware that responding to email from your external account will not be recognized as an official Alamo Colleges student email account.

    1. Select Options in the upper-right corner of your mailbox.
    2. Click See All Options…
    3. At the top of the window, click Connected Accounts
    4. Look for the section titled Forwarding and enter your preferred email address in the Forward my e-mail to: field.
    5. If you want to receive your email in both locations, leave the checkbox checked next to Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App.
      • If you do leave this option checked, you will need to periodically clean out your mailbox to prevent it from reaching its limit. When the limit is reached, email will stop forwarding until it is cleaned up.
    6. Click Start Forwarding, then click Save.
    7. Click on My Mail in the upper right to return to your inbox.



    I want to connect my other email accounts to my account, why can’t I find where to do this?

    Microsoft markets that the Live@Edu email system is capable of importing other email accounts into you mailbox; however, this is not a feature Alamo Colleges is not currently capable of.

    How can I see how much of my email quota I have used?

    1. On the inbox page, locate the icon to the left of your username in the left-hand menu. 
    2. Hover your mouse cursor over the username - a message showing the amount of mailbox space used will appear.

    What is the email attachment quantity and file size limit?

    The maximum size allowed for a single attachment is 20MB. Up to 125 attachments may be added to a message, as long as the total size of the message including all attachments, header and body, does not exceed the message size limit of 25MB. 

    How can I free-up storage space in my mailbox?

    Large emails (with attachments) should be deleted first as they take up more space. 

    1. On the inbox page, click on the Arrange by text that is shown above your inbox contents. 
    2. From the popup menu that appears, tick the size option - your emails will then be re- ordered so that those with the largest file size appear at the top of the list. 
    3. Delete emails that are no longer required.

    How can I filter my email?

    If you are receiving an overwhelming amount of unwanted email, you can block specific senders from your mailbox by modifying the Blocked Senders list under Block or Allow in your mailbox options.

    1. Right click on the offending spam message in the message list and go to Junk E-Mail -> Add Sender to Blocked Senders List. This will move the message to Junk E-Mail as well. 
    2. Alternatively, in the reading pane, choose Actions and then Junk E-Mail -> Add Sender to Blocked Senders List. This will whitelist the email address for future use.

    Why am I getting so much spam? How can I prevent it?

    Spam is a common part of using email. While we cannot always block it completely we can put measures in place to lessen the amount received. If you are receiving an overwhelming amount of spam, please contact the helpdesk with specific information about the spam emails and we will take the appropriate actions.

    You can also block specific senders from your mailbox by modifying the Blocked Senders list under Block or Allow in your mailbox options.

    How do I keep mail from going into my junk mail folder?

    1. Log into your ACES account and click on your Email icon. Click on "Options" located in the upper-right corner of the screen
    2. On the next screen, click on "Block or Allow" located in the left-hand column
    3. Locate the "Safe Senders and Recipients" section under Junk E-Mail Settings. In the text box, enter the name of the domain you want to designate as safe (for example,, and click the + on the right-hand side of the text box to add the domain to the list of Safe Senders
    4. The domain you entered will now be listed as a Safe Sender

    How do I set the message importance level in my mailbox?

    1. Login to Outlook Live using your account. 
    2. Click 'New'. 
    3. On the 'Message' toolbar, click 'Options'. (The 'Message Options' dialog box appears.) 
    4. From the 'Importance' drop-down list, select the appropriate option, for example, select 'High'. 
    5. Click 'OK'


    If I change my password using the ACES Password Reset feature will this change my email password?

    No. Any password changes you make using ACES Password Reset will not update your email account password.

    If I change my password, will my password automatically change for other systems (Blackboard, WebCT, Network Account)?

    Changing your password within the new email system will NOT change your password on other systems.

    Will the email in my old mailbox be migrated to my new mailbox automatically?

    No, mail received before December 31, 2011 will not be migrated to your new mailbox. You have until March 19, 2012 to retrieve mail from your account mailbox.  Stored e-mail, contacts and calendar events will NOT be automatically moved to your new mailbox. 

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