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The basic principle of purchasing and an indispensable element of the American economic system is free and vigorous competition. As public buyers expending public funds, the Purchasing Department of the Alamo Community College District (ACCD) fully endorses the above concept.

This information brochure was prepared with the sincere hope that it will be helpful to all vendors engaged in selling supplies, materials, equipment and/or services who would like to do business with the ACCD.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchase of all professional services, construction, supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services for the ACCD. The ACCD assumes no liability for payment of obligations except those incurred through an approved purchase order or P-card.

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Provisions of Texas Law, the "Alamo Colleges Board Policies Manual," and the "ACCD Purchasing Guidelines," govern the purchasing practices of the District.

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Mission, Vision, and Values

We believe that it economically makes good business sense and contributes to student success to be engaged in partnership between contractors, employees, educators, and the community to implement the Alamo Colleges Mission, Vision, and Values. The Alamo Colleges promotes collaboration by achieving consensus on the measures of student success and by stressing that student success is everyone's business. In 2014, the Alamo Colleges adopted policy that includes our Vision, Mission, and Values:

Alamo Way

In support of our policy, the purpose of this segment is to enhance recognition by contractors for our efforts. As a valued member in our procurement process, we ask that your company demonstrate their commitment to serving students by becoming actively engaged in recognizing the Alamo Colleges Mission, Vision, and Values.

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 Purchase Order/P-Card

An official purchase order with the signature of an authorized agent of ACCD and purchase order number affixed thereon is the preferred method for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment and/or services obligating the Alamo Community College District. A P-card may be used in lieu of a purchase order for small minor purchases. Vendors are cautioned not to accept purchase requests from ACCD departments using a method other than a Purchase Order or P-card.

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Vendor Selection

The Purchasing Department maintains a current file of prospective vendors. The vendors' list is continually updated with new prospective vendors added in order to maximize competition in the marketplace.

Vendors who have not previously conducted business with the Alamo Colleges are invited to visit or contact the Purchasing Department to be added to the bidders' list. All vendors will be required to complete an IRS W-9 Form before being added to the vendors' list.

The Purchasing Department may solicit competitive bids/proposals from all prospective vendors in any particular category who have a record of being responsible and responsive in fulfilling contracts in a timely manner at a fair and reasonable price.

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Contracting With Small, Minority, Women And Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises

The ACCD is committed to encouraging the participation of SMWVBE vendors in all aspects of contract awards. A SMWVBE vendor is defined as follows:

1. That is independently owned and operated, formed for the purpose of making a profit, and has fewer than 100 employees or less than $1,000,000 in annual gross receipts.


2. At least 51% of which is owned or controlled by one or more persons who are socially and economically disadvantaged because of his or her identification as a member of certain groups, including women, Black Americans, Mexican Americans and other Americans of Hispanic origin, Asian Americans, and American Indians.

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Public Solicitation Openings And Information

All bid/proposal openings are conducted at 2:00 p.m. on the designated date unless publicly advertised otherwise, and are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, all bids/proposals are opened at the George E. Killen Community & Education Service Center, 201 W. Sheridan, Building 3, Room 102, San Antonio, Texas 78204.

All current solicitations are available for public viewing in the Purchasing Department. Specific solicitations may be requested verbally or in writing by prospective vendors any time prior to bid/proposal opening. Solicitations may be picked up by or mailed to the requesting vendor. They may also be accessed on-line at: Bid/Project Announcements.

The Alamo Community College District is a governmental entity in the State of Texas. Documents submitted pursuant to a procurement solicitation become a government record. Access by the public to government records is governed by the Texas Public Information Act ("PIA"). Under no circumstances will Alamo Colleges be liable for any costs, damages, or claims of any nature, related to release or disclosure of any information contained in documents submitted pursuant to a procurement solicitation.

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Contract Award

Award of a contract will be made in accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions contained in solicitation as well as statutory requirements. Consideration may also be given to the vendor's potential ability to successfully perform the requirements contained in the solicitation, as well as the vendor's integrity and past performance record.

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Source Selection

Verbal and Written Quotations

This is a method of source selection whereby verbal or written bids are solicited from several prospective vendors based on dollar amount. The criterion that determines whether the quotation is verbal or written depends upon the estimated dollar value of the request and the annual aggregate expenditure for that commodity. After evaluation of the quotes, a purchase order may be issued to the responsible vendor submitting the lowest and best quote.

Public Solicitation/Formal Contract

This is a method of source selection whereby detailed, written specifications are prepared to maximize competition, and the project is publicly advertised. The bids/proposals are opened at the scheduled site and time after which they are evaluated. A purchase order and/or a formal contract document may be issued to the awarded vendor.

Competitive Sealed Proposal Contract

This is a method of source selection chosen by the ACCD Board of Trustees for large construction projects. The proposal deadline is publicized and the name and dollar amount of the offerors are read. Evaluations and negotiations follow; the Board of Trustees awards the contract.

Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals

This is a method of source selection used primarily for engagement of professional services. Qualification statements and proposals are evaluated based on published criteria, and the Board of Trustees awards the contract.

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Calling Hours

Vendors and/or sales representatives may call or visit the Purchasing Department from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is requested that appointments be made in advance.

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Vendors are required to submit invoices for all billings and mail them to the Alamo Community College District, Accounts Payable, 811 W. Houston, Suite 204, San Antonio, Texas 78207-3033. Vendors requesting a remittance copy should so indicate. Reconciliation of the invoice, receiver, and a purchase order is necessary before payment can be made.

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Tax Status

The Alamo Community College District claims an exemption from taxes under Chapter 20, Title 122A, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, for the purchase of tangible personal property, as this property is being secured for the exclusive use of ACCD. Each purchase order references the state tax exempt status. An exemption statement will be furnished upon request.

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Delivery Of Materials

Deliveries for the Alamo Community College District must be processed through Central Receiving located in 7990 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, Texas 78233. Deliveries are accepted by Central Receiving from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Deliveries to other locations are prohibited unless approved in advance by the Purchasing Department.

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Purchasing Personnel

The ACCD Purchasing Department maintains a highly skilled and well-qualified staff of purchasing professionals. The highest of ethical standards are employed in carrying out the purchasing functions necessary for the acquisition of professional services, supplies, material, equipment and/or services required for the operation of the ACCD. The Purchasing Department is a member of the National Association of Educational Buyers.

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Gary O'Bar, C.P.M.

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Andrea Manez
Assistant Director Contract Administration

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