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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations required that all students applying for financial assistance must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to receive aid.  The progress standards required of all Alamo Colleges students is:

  1. Maintain a minimum 2.0 overall and per semester GPA.
  2. Successfully complete 67% of all course work attempted, and
  3. Complete the program of study within 99 hours of attempted course work (excluding up to 30 hours remedial coursework and including hours attempted at other colleges).

Student compliance with the progress policy is evaluated after every spring semester. Progress is categorized in one of three ways: Good Standing, Probation Status, or Suspension Status. Students may receive financial aid while on Good or Probation Status, but not while on Suspension Status.

Good Status

A student is considered to be in good status if he/she meets all three of the academic progress standards. These students may participate in all financial aid programs based on their needs analysis, subject to the availability of funds.

Probation Status

If an appeal is approved, the status is changed to Probation and eligibility is reinstated for one semester only, (subject to any limitations imposed, and/or to individual program requirements). Academic performance is evaluated after the semester ends to determine if SAP and/or terms of the Success/Degree Plan was met to allow for eligibility to be continued for the following semester of enrollment.

Suspension Status

Students are placed on Suspension if at the end of the spring semester they do not meet all SAP requirements. Students whose prior status was “probation” (see below) are placed back on suspension if they are not able to bring their performance up to minimum SAP requirements, or if they were not able to comply with the terms of the Success Plan or Degree Plan. A student placed back on suspension may re-appeal that status after successfully completing one semester of at least six hours enrollment. Students on suspension may continue to enroll but at their own expense until the SAP standards are met.

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Appeal Process

Students who lose financial aid eligibility due to death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, other special circumstances, or for exceeding the maximum number of attempted hours allowed (99) may appeal. Student must meet with an academic advisor to agree to and complete a Success Plan that details how the student will comply with SAP requirements by the end of the semester or by a specific point in time. The student must also submit a written statement explaining the reason(s) for failing to meet SAP, and if applicable for exceeding 99 attempted hours. The statement must also explain what has changed in their situation to enable them to meet SAP by the end of the semester. Submit with the appeal form the Success Plan and Degree Plan (if over 99 attempted hours) signed by the academic advisor, students statement, and any other documentation such as death or birth certificates, and doctor and hospital statements.

More information on how to process the appeal at this hyperlink.

Continuation of Eligibility - On Probation:

Student grades and the approved Success Plan or Degree Plan (if required) is reviewed after each semester to evaluate whether SAP requirements were met. If SAP is met and student is following the approved plan, financial aid eligibility will be extended for the next semester enrolled throughout the period SAP is being met while following the plan. Students who did not meet SAP and/or who did not follow the Success Plan or Degree Plan are placed back on suspension. A student may re-appeal after successfully completing a semester of at least six (6) hours enrollment. Students on suspension may continue to enroll but at their own expense.

Recalculating Policy

All students are monitored until Census Date, which is the date enrollment becomes official for the semester. If a student withdraws or drops from a class(es) on or before Census Date, the award is recalculated to reflect the new eligibility and a collection notice is mailed detailing the amount owed back to the Pell Grant, or to any other grant program. This includes any back-dating of enrollment by Admission and Records Office.

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Overpayment Policy

In accordance with Federal Regulations 34 CFR668.22 & 34CFR690.72(a)(2), a student who receives Student Financial Assistance based on anticipated enrollment, and then drops enrollment after receiving a disbursement, must repay the amount that is greater than his/her eligibility.

Students with an outstanding balance may be prevented from registering in future semesters and/or receiving an Academic transcript until the Total Balance Due is PAID-IN-FULL!  Furthermore, we are required to report to the U.S. Department of Education when a student "owes a federal grant overpayment."

Any student who withdraws and owes a repayment of financial aid will not be eligible for further financial aid from the college until the amount calculated is repaid.

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Return of Title IV Funds

Repayment policy applies if you drop before 60% of completion date!  According to federal regulation, 34CFR668.22, any student receiving federal funding such as Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, and Federal Stafford loans, then withdraws from all classes before the 60% point of the semester must return the unearned portion of the aid disbursed.   And, if not paid, you will not be qualify for future financial assistance at any college.

Semester Date of 60% completion
Fall 2011: 10/28/2011
Fall 2011 (14 wks): 11/04/2011
Fall Flex I 2011: 09/23/2011
Fall Flex II 2011: 11/21/2011


Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards

The Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards is being refer to another webpage from this site for further details, and it appears only once on the Student Self-Service within the Alamo Colleges Educational Services (ACES) before accepting the Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards.

Privacy Act of 1974

All records and conversation between the student, family and the Student Financial Services office are confidential. No public announcement shall be made of need based amounts awarded to students. No information concerning the student's financial aid records will be released to anyone outside the Student Financial Services office without permission from the student, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).


Students appealing their suspension must be prepared to pay their own expenses in case the appeal is denied or not approved prior to the registration billing due date.