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Recycling at Alamo Colleges

Recycling is an easy way to reduce your waste. At Alamo Colleges we are taking initiative to make sure we make recycling an option across our campuses.  

Every year millions of trees are cut down to make paper products and billions of pounds of plastic pollution enter our oceans. When we recycle, we prevent reusable material from ending up in our landfills and oceans. Recycling can help reduce pollution, and save natural resources and energy because it allows us to make new products from old materials! For instance, it takes 95% less energy to create an aluminium can from recycled aluminium than it would with new aluminium. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling

How do I recycle? 

  • Put your recyclables in the blue recycling bins next located next to the trashcans?       

What can I recycle in these bins? 

 Recycling Graphic
What can not be recycled in the blue containers?    
  • Light bulbs, batteries, ceramic dishes, pots & pans, glassware, plastic cups, styrofoam, paper plates & napkins 
What should I do with paper containing sensitive information or non-public information (NPI)? 
  • Alamo Colleges has a strict NPI policy that requires such material to be disposed of accordingly. Any sensitive or papers containing NPI should be shredded and put into the regular trash bin. 
Do I have to separate my recyclables?  
  • No, everything can go in the same bin.  
What about containers with soiled food? 
  • Recyclables should not have food on them. If a container can not be washed out continue to put it in the regular trash can. 
Where can I request an additional recycling bin? 
  • You can direct your question and concerns to your campus hotline. 
Where can I learn more about recycling in San Antonio? 
 Recycle Container Recycling Bin Recycling Can