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Going Solar at Alamo Colleges!

Solar power is a promising renewable energy source in San Antonio. It can help us power our buildings and keep our lights on, while reducing our dependence on harmful fossil fuels like coal.

How does it work? 

The Sun emits light in the form of photons. These photons travel at the speed of light to reach Earth, which takes about 8 minutes. Upon arrival, the photons are absorbed by solar cell panels made of semiconductor materials that are placed in areas that receive a significant amount of sunlight, like our rooftops. The technology used in these panels allow us to harness the Sun's energy and make it usable. When the photons hit the panels, their cells free energetic electrons, creating a flow of energy, or electricity. This electricity then travels through out electric grid to our buildings and homes.

An egauge system, like the one featured below, helps track how much energy is being generated (green) and compare it to the total amount of energy the building is using (red). 

 Solar Data NVC Solar 3

3 Reasons Alamo Colleges is going solar:  

  1. We're being responsible! 
    • It is a clean alternative to other fuels; that does not generate harmful emissions like fossil fuels that negatively impact our atmosphere.
    • The panels operate quietly without disrupting the surrounding natural and built environment.   
  2. We're being smart! 
    • The costs of solar has come down substantially within the few years, and in San Antonio there is plenty of free sunshine to use.  
    • Once the panels are installed they require little maintenance. 
  1. We're being a leader!
    • Solar installations are on the rise and the way of the future. Alamo Colleges strives to be a leader and is offering it's students and community an opportunity to learn about solar. 

Where do we have solar installed at Alamo Colleges? 

     There are many applications in which Alamo Colleges has installed solar. 
     Click on the picture and check out the table below to learn more. 


Location Type of Application  Date of Installation  Size of Array (kW)  Number of Panels  Annual
Energy Production (to date)
Energy Offset (%)
Annual kWh Savings (to date) Project Size (Sq. Ft.) Array per Area (W/sq.ft) Panel Manufacturer  Installer  Live Solar Data 
St. Philips College Roof mount February 2011 400 2,315 747 MWh 18 $59,735.49 161,000 2.5 Solyndra  Texas Solar  
Northwest Vista Parking Garage November 2013 154 840  229 MWh  $29,823.13       Freedom Solar NVC
Scobee Education Center, SAC     Roof mount & Bus Port  October 31, 2014 33.32 108 (26 MWh) 14 ($3,368.48)  1,296 25.7 Canadian Solar  Texas Solar  Scobee
Eco Centro, SAC  Roof mount January 27, 2015 23.8 135 (19.7 MWh) 53 ($2,557.24) 2,735 8.70  Solyndra Texas Solar Eco Centro

Individual Overview of Solar Arrays Installed at Alamo Colleges 


 The St. Phillips College (SPC) Solar Array & Solar Program 

SPC's solar panel array is CPS Energy's largest customer-owned solar array. In addition to the 400-kilowatt array, there is a 255 Watt array managed by students through the Green Jobs Training Institute. Information on the Green Jobs Training Institute can be found by clicking here. To learn more about the 400-kilowatt array check out the information below.   

Type of Application Roof Mount 
Date Installed  February, 2011
Size of Array (kW)  400
Number of Panels 2,315
Type of Panel  Solyndra, 173 Watts
Installer  Texas Solar 
Annual Energy Production 747 MWh
Building Energy Offset (%)  18
Annual kWh Savings $59,735
Project Size (Sq. Ft.) 161,000
Array per Area (W/sq. ft.) 2.5

SPC Solar Array


San Antonio College's Scobee Education Center Solar Array  

SAC has a 33-kilowatt array on top of Scobee Education Center and two bus ports. Click on the egauge below featuring live data to learn more.


Type of Application Roof Mount & Bus Port
Date Installed  October 31, 2014 
Size of Array (kW)  33.32
Number of Panels 108
Type of Panel  Canadian Solar, 310 Watt, efficiency 16.79%
Installer  Texas Solar 
Energy Production to date (9/22/15) 25.7 MWh
Building Energy Offset (%)  14
kWh Savings to date (9/22/15) $3,340
Project Size (Sq. Ft.) 1,296
Array per Area (W/sq. ft.) 25.7

 Scobee egauge monitorScobee Solar Array(1)


San Antonio College's Eco Centro Solar Array  

The Eco-Centro solar panels generate about 14-kilowatts of solar a day. At the peak of the day, this is more than the building uses.    

Type of Application Roof Mount
Date Installed  January 27, 2015
Size of Array (kW)  23.8
Number of Panels 135
Type of Panel  Solyndra, 173 Watt
Installer  Texas Solar 
Energy Production to Date (9/22/2015) 19.5 MWh
Building Energy Offset (%)  53
kWh Savings to Date (9/22/2015) $2,537
Project Size (Sq. Ft.) 2,735
Array per Area (W/sq. ft.) 8.70

Eco Centro egauge Eco-Centro 

Northwest Vista College Solar Garage Array

Type of Application Garage
Date Installed  November, 2013
Size of Array (kW)  154
Number of Panels 840
Installer  Freedom Solar 
Annual Energy Production 229 MWh
Annual kWh Savings $29,823
NVC egaugeNVC Solar 3