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I have completed the AlamoENROLL Test Prep module. What’s next?

Get information about how to take your TSI Assessment by clicking on your college’s testing link.

 College Testing Centers
Northeast Lakeview College   210-486-5401, option #6
Northwest Vista College   210-486-4346
Palo Alto College   210-486-3444
St. Philip's College   210-486-2444
San Antonio College   210-486-0444

What if I require special accommodations during the test?

If you are eligible for and require special accommodations prior to registering for the TSI Assessment, please consult the Disability Support Services at your Alamo College.

Disability Support Services  
Northeast Lakeview College   210-486-5401, option #8
Northwest Vista College   210-486-4466
Palo Alto College   210-486-3020
St Philips College   210-486-2020
San Antonio College   210-486-0020


Do I have to take the TSI Assessment or another test?

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) mandates that students must be assessed to determine college readiness. However, not all incoming students need to take the TSI Assessment and the Alamo Colleges do not require the ACT or SAT.  

There are several ways you can be exempt. Qualifying for a TSI Assessment exemption means that you can enroll in any entry-level college course without restrictions. In other words, there are no prerequisites for enrollment in many college-level courses. To be exempt from the TSI Assessment and enroll directly into entry-level courses, you must meet one of the following criteria:   

1. Course Placement Per Exemption

You may be TSI exempt and eligible for college level courses if you;

a. Have met the minimum college readiness standard on SAT, ACT or a statewide high school test; 

b. Have successfully completed college-level English and Math courses;

c. Have enrolled in a Level-One certificate program (fewer than 43 semester credit hours);

d. Are not seeking a degree; or

e. Have been, or currently are, in the military.

If you think you may be exempt, please contact the Assessment Center at your college.  See the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)  Student Informative Brochure for additional information.     


2.  Course Placement Per Assessment Scores

Students submitting official test scores for the following assessments may not be required to take the TSI Assessment.  Students are exempt from the TSI Assessment and eligible to take entry-level courses based on the scores listed below:

  English Reading Math
TAKS 2200+ and 3 writing score 2200+ and 3 writing score 2200+
ACT 19+ 23+(composite) 19+
SAT Prior 3/2016 500+ (Critical Reading) 500+ (Critical Reading) 500+
SAT After 3/5/16 480+ (EBRW)      480+ (EBRW)     530+
Accuplacer 80+ and 6 writing score 78+ EAR 86+
THEA-IBT 220+ and 3 writing score 230+ 270+
THEA (paper-based) 220+ and 6 writing score 230+ 270+

Note:  THEA and Accuplacer assessment scores are applicable only for students with prior academic history at an Alamo College.  Students must have taken a course prior to August 23, 2013 and scores must be 5 years old or less.

If you meet the scores above, you are not required to take the TSI Assessment for placement.  You must provide an official score report to the Assessment / Testing Center or you will be required to take the assessment test.  Additionally, you are not permitted to register for classes until test scores are on file with the Alamo Colleges.