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 Federal Direct Loan Request 
Last Name
First Name*
 Banner ID*
 Primary College
ACES Email (
 Direct Loan Borrowing Limits 
 Freshman   Dependent 
$3,500 subsidized
$2,000 unsubsidized
$5,500 Maximum
$3,500 subsidized
$6,000 unsubsidized
$9,500 Maximum
 Sophomore    Dependent 
 $4,500 subsidized
$2,000 unsubsidized
$6,500 Maximum
 $4,500 subsidized
$6,000 unsubsidized
$10,500 Maximum
Semester Requesting Loan
Amount Requested
 Other(if less than maximum)
 Subsidized Loan Request  

A Federal Direct Subsidized Loan will be processed up to the student’s eligibility.  The amount of the request that exceeds the student subsidized eligibility will be certified as a Federal Un-subsidized Loan -  

Unsubsidized Loan Request  

I am requesting a Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan in addition to the Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan and am responsible for any interest that accrues on this loan while I attend college and go into repayment six months after I terminate my enrollment with the Alamo Colleges.     



I authorize this request for a Federal Direct Student Loan and certify that I understand the Eligibility Requirements. Failure to repay my loan will result in a default status causing but not limiting to; the loss of eligibility to receive any future federal or state aid.