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Experience Ancient and Modern Greece!

Deadline to apply:  December 8, 2017,  Click here to apply.

For scholarship information click here.

Greece Banner

Experience Ancient and Modern Greece!

Deadline to apply:  December 8, 2017,  Click here to apply.

For scholarship information click here.


The program will provide students the opportunity to practice in real life settings what they have learned in class. In addition, they will have firsthand experience of the culture, history, and business environment of Greece and will have a better understanding of global business opportunities in Greece!



May 28 - June 1, 2018 San Antonio College Campus, June 4 - 25, 2018 in country and June 26 - 29, 2018 San Antonio College campus 



Intro to philosophy ( PHIL 1301) and Fine Arts Appreciation ( ARTS 1301)


Students are required to take two courses and will receive six hours of credit upon completion  of the program.


2.0 GPA and 12 cumulative academic credits. Alamo Colleges District expects study abroad participants

 to perform academically at standards commensurate with on-campus performance. 

This includes attending class, taking exams, reading required material, completing homework, etc.

 If student's GPA drops below a 2.0 before they study abroad, they will not be allowed to participate in the program.


Kristina Michelle Hill has a Master's Degree in Art History with an emphasis on Ancient Art. While pursuing her education she studied abroad in Jordan and Turkey,and is familiar with study abroad, including an expert understanding of various culture issues.

Dr. Ryan Lozano has a Ph.D. in the philosophy of region from St. Alcuin House Theological Seminar, is able to read the green language and is currently learning to speak Modern Greek with various professional contacts through out the country. Dr. Lozano led the Japan Study Abroad Program for Alamo Colleges summer 2015. 

PROGRAM FEE:   *5,800 Includes airfare, lodging, in-country, transportation, most meals, and entrance fee. This does NOT include tuition, passport fees books, materials, and spending money. Financial aid is available. Summer momentum program may be applied toward tuition if applicable.



December 8, 2017 (non-refundable) ...................... $200 due with application  

Once students are accepted into the program, they will follow the scheduled payments:

December 15, 2017…(initial deposit)………………$500 

January 19, 2018 .................................... $1,700

February 9, 2018 .................................. $1,700

March 2, 2018 ...................................... $1,700

Failure to pay by the scheduled deadlines will result in cancelation of participation in the selected Study Abroad program.



May 28 -June 1, 2018    San Antonio College Campus

June 4, 2018                  Flight to Athens                  

June 5, 2018                  Cycladic Museum 

June 6, 2018                     Acropolis 
June 7, 2018                     Agora/National Archeological Museum 

June 8, 2018                     Byzantine Museum

June 9, 2018                     Travel day/ Free time in Corinth 

June 10, 2018                   Day trip to Mycenae

June 11, 2018                   Day trip to Epidauros/Theater production 

June 12, 2018                   Trip to Olympia/ stay over night

June 13, 2018                   Part day in Olympia/ Stay Overnight  

June 14, 2018                   Byzantine sites in Mystras 

June 15, 2018                   Travel day to the Island of Crete

June 16, 2018                   Knossos Minoan City 

June 17,2018                    Crete Archeological Museum 

June 18, 2018                   Travel Day to Athens / Free time

June 19, 2018                   Visit Delphi / Food and culture day 

June 20, 2018                   Mount Olympus 

June 21, 2018                   Thessaloniki

June 22, 2018                   Byzantine Churches

June 23, 2018                   Islamic Sites

June 24, 2018                   Travel Day / Free time 

June 25, 2018                   Return to San Antonio, Texas 

June 26-29, 2018             San Antonio College Campus




A  valid  passport  is  required  to  travel.  You can visit   for additional information.


  Alamo Colleges District International Scholarship Information:

Students receiving Pell grants are eligible for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship. If awarded, students may receive up to $5,000. 




Maria Rivera-Midence

(210) 485-0084 





*Alamo Colleges has taken considerable care in preparing information and materials for specific Study Abroad programs, but this information is subject to change. Although accurate at the time of publication, external events could result in changes in dates, itinerary, costs and other aspects of a program. Revised information will be provided as soon as it is made available, and participants should check with the faculty leader or the District Office of International Programs for the most recent information. Alamo Colleges will not be held responsible for unintentional misinformation.

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Maria Rivera
Alamo Colleges District Office
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