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Experience Ireland!

Deadline to apply:  December 8, 2017,  Click here to apply.

For scholarship information click here.

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Experience Ireland!

Deadline to apply:  December 8, 2017,  Click here to apply.

For scholarship information click here.


Dublin, ireland provides a unique setting that offers students opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of how the Arts and Environmental Biology overlap to create a thriving society. Art Appreciation presents an induction to the exploration of purposes and process in the visual arts including evaluation of selected works. Environmental Biology explores the impact that Humans have on our environment along with the resources that both benefit and restrict societies in different climates.



June 4 - 7, 2018 ON Palo Alto College campus,


June 8-23 in-country,


June 26 - July 5, 2018 on palo Alto College campus



Dublin, Ireland 


 Courses: Environmental Biology (BIOL 2306) and Art appreciation (ARTS 1301) Honors courses: These are Palo Alto College Honors course. However , any Alamo Collge District student may participate. Students who are not enrolled in an Honors Program, nut are interested in the Ireland Program may contact Professor Chandler at or Maria Rivera at For additional PAC Honors Program information yo may go to  



 ACADEMIC INFORMATION: Student are required to take two courses and will receive six hours of credit upon completion of the program.



2.0 GPA and 12 cumulative academic credits. Alamo Colleges District expects study abroad participants to perform academically at standards commensurate with on-campus performance. This includes attending class, taking exams, reading required materials, completing homework, etc. If students' GPA drops below a 2.0 before they study abroad, they will not be allowed to participate in the program. 



Professor Brad Chandler is a Biology Professor at Palo Alto College. He has Master's Degree in Biology with an emphasis in ecology. He has previously lead many student ecology trips for academic and professional meetings in Texas, Puerto Rico, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and Mexico. 


 Dr. Alba De Leon is a professor of fine arts at Palo Alto College with more than twenty-five years of service, including acting as the International Educational Liaison for the campus and has been involved with the Office of  International Programs at the Alamo Colleges District since its inception. Dr. De Leon has participated in the study Abroad trips to Spain, Mexico and Italy. She has led the Alamo Colleges in Spain in 2013.  


PROGRAM FEE: $4,375 Includes airfare, lodging, in-country transportation, most meals and entrance fees. This does NOT include tuition, passport fees visa fees, books, materials, and spending money. Financial Aid is available. Summer Momentum Program may be applied towards tuition if applicable.




December 8, 2017. ( non-refundable) .............$200 due with application.

Once students are accepted into the program, they will follow the scheduled payments:

December 15, 2017 (initial deposit) .............$500

January 19, 2018 .........................................$1,225

February 9, 2018 .........................................$1,225

March  2,  2018  ...........................................$1,225

Failure to pay by the scheduled deadlines will result in cancellation of the participation in the selected Study Abroad program. 



June 8, 2018                 Depart San Antonio to Dublin, Ireland

June 9, 2018                 Arrive in Dublin, Ireland, visit Trinity University and the 

                                      Book of Kells 

June 10, 2018               Tour of Malahide Castle (Malahide) and Dublin Castle 

June 11, 2018               Tour of Dublin public art statuary and private art galleries 

June 12, 2018               Tour National Museums: Decorative arts and Archeology

June 13, 2018               Tour of peat bogs, wind farm, environmental art, 

                                      and electric power plant ( Tullamore)

June 14, 2018               Tour of Waterford Crystal Factory, Dunhill Integrated

                                      Constructed Wetlands, Carey's Castle, and 

                                      the Rock of Cashel Castle (Cashel and Waterford)

June 15 ,2018               Environment assessment of Howth Beach ( Howth)

June16, 2018                Tour of Trinity University, Science Gallery 

                                      and Little Museum of Dublin 

June 17, 2018               Class and research assignment  

June 18, 2018               Tours of Christchurch Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral,

                                      St. Audoen's Church, and St. Michan's church ( Dublin)

June 19, 2018               Environmental assessment of Dublin Mountains


June 20, 2018               Hiking from Bray to Graystone and afternoon 

                                      cultural activity in Dun Laoghaire

June 21, 2018               Tour of National Botanic Gardens and DCU 

                                       All Hallows Campus ( Glasnevin )

June 22, 2018                Course reflections 

June 23, 2018                Depart Dublin, Ireland to San Antonio, Texas  


A  valid  passport  is  required  to  travel.  You can visit   for additional information.


Alamo Colleges District Study Abroad Scholarship Information:

Students receiving a pell grant are eligible for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship. If awarded, students may receive up to $5,000.



Maria Rivera-Midence

(210) 485-0084 

*Alamo Colleges has taken considerable care in preparing information and materials for specific Study Abroad programs, but this information is subject to change. Although accurate at the time of publication, external events could result in changes in dates, itinerary, costs and other aspects of a program. Revised information will be provided as soon as it is made available, and participants should check with the faculty leader or the District Office of International Programs for the most recent information. Alamo Colleges will not be held responsible for unintentional misinformation.

Contact Information

Maria Rivera
Alamo Colleges District Office
201 W. Sheridan
Building C, Room 7

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