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Clubs and Organizations

Palo Alto College encourages any group of students interested in a common purpose to organize and seek official recognition if:

  • the membership is limited to students
  • membership is not denied to anyone on the basis of color, race, age, national origin, religion, gender, or disability
  • the group has a full-time advisor who is a faculty or staff member
  • the group is willing to conduct its activities in accordance with ACCD and college policies


Get Connected

To view a full complete list of Registered Student Organizations at Palo Alto College please visit OrgSync. A link to OrgSync is found in your ACES portal under the Student tab.

Ambassadors of Business

Club Advisor: Sylvia De Hoyos  |  |   (210) 486-3089

The purpose of Ambassadors is to enhance the experience of students interested in business careers through academics, social, and professional programs. Our main focus is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their professional skills. the program is designed to educate, empower, and advance students pursuing a degree in business or a business related field.

Baptist Student Ministry

Club Advisor: Carmen Kent   |   |  (210) 486-3040

The purpose of the Baptist Student ministry is to offer students here at Palo Alto College a chance of fellowship and a time of spiritual growth.

Catholic Campus Ministry

Club Advisor: Gerardo Mechler  |   |  (210) 588-1945

The purpose of the Catholic Campus Ministry is to offer a nurturing and caring fellowship at PAC.

Chi Alpha Epsilon

Club Advisor: Maria Rogers   |   |   (210) 486-3180

Chi Alpha Epsilon-Gamma Epsilon chapter was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students who are participants in the TRiO/Support Services Program. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication and honor the academic excellence of those students. To be invited, members must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA for two consecutive full-time semesters and can be identified by the blue and white honor cords they wear at graduation.

Club Earth

Club Advisor: Denise Richter   |   |   (210) 486-3237

An organization whose goals are not only to make Palo Alto College's presence known in the San Antonio community through environmental service but to educate on reducing, reuse, and recycling in order to improve the quality of living for future generations.

Delta Sigma Omicron

 Club Advisor: Cindy Morgan   |   |   (210) 486-3027

The purpose of the Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Omicron at Palo Alto College is to promote self-advocacy and empowerment for students with disabilities and to perform as an organization presenting opportunities available to disabled people in the community. Our motto: “To exercise our abilities to a maximum so as to minimize our disabilities that we may live most and serve best.”


Club Advisor: Angela Garcia   |   |   (210) 486-3417

The purpose of DESTINO is to help build personal, professional, moral and spiritual leadership within the academic Hispanic community. True life change and achieving excellence in character and leadership is gained through following Jesus Christ and knowing Him personally. DESTINO is the Hispanic/Latino ministry of Cru, an international interdenominational Christian ministry that is dedicated to connecting students in San Antonio to the family of God.

Future Educators of America, FEA

Club Advisor: Dr. Amie DeLeon   |   |   (210) 486-3046

To Support and challenge ourselves as future educators; using others' knowledge and cultural experience to enhance our future.

Golden Bar Club (ROTC)

Club Advisor: Mark Taggert   |   |   (210) 486-3347

Horticulture Club

Club Advisor: Kirk Williams   |   |    (210) 486-3073
Club Advisor: Weldon Riggs   |   |   (210) 486-3074

To encourage professional relationships among Horticulture Club members, leaders, alumni, faculty, staff, the community and the Horticulture Industry. To assist, provide orientation and support new students entering the Horticulture programs and Palo Alto College. To initiate and maintain educational functions for members. To establish a strong and positive network between undergraduates and industry. To assist and support the continual development of the college Horticultural Unit facilities, greenhouse(s), nursery, and community demonstration areas. To support the recruitment and retention of students for the Horticulture programs.

Logistics Society

Club Advisor: Ronnie Brannon   |   |   (210) 486-3087

The mission of the Logistics Society is to promote awareness, encourage education, provide assistance in career paths, create partnerships, and disseminate growth tools in skills to construct a strong personal and professional work environment in the community. The Logistics Society will fulfill this purpose by sponsoring seminars, support guidance of courses offered in the field of Logistics at Palo Alto College that include a 2-year Associates Degree (at Palo Alto) and related certificates. Also generate accessibily to the logistics field and allow for a solid opportunities in the diverse work field of Logistics.

Lone Star Agricultural Club

 Club Advisor: Weldon Riggs   |   |   (210) 486-3074

To encourage professional relationships among Lone Star Agricultural Club members, leaders, alumni, faculty, staff, the community, and the Agriculture Industry. To establish a strong and positive network between undergraduate students and the Agriculture Industry. To initiate and maintain educational functions for members. To assist, provide orientation, and support new students entering the Agriculture programs and Palo Alto College. To support the recruitment and retention of students for the Agriculture programs.

Native Youth for Equal Voices

Club Advisor: Esperanza Linda Ximenes   |   |    (210) 354-2925

This is an organization for Native American youth interested in exploring issues of concern to Native Americans, sharing cultural knowledge and experience and participating in activities to inform themselves and non-Native Americans about the history, concerns, and contributions of Native Americans to the UUnited States and the Western Hemisphere.

PAC - Forensic Science Club

Club Advisor: Earl Ballou   |   |   (210) 486-3070

This club's goal is to provide a forum for all students and interested members to advance the understanding of forensic science.

Palo Alto Vet Tech Club

Club Advisor: Lauri Pawelek   |   |   (210) 486-3357

The purpose is to promote the Veterinary Technician's role as a member of the animal health care profession and to provide additional learning opportunities available to students upon graduation.

Palo Alto Study Abroad

Club Advisor: Evangeline Velez-Cobb   |   |   (210) 486-6341

The purpose of the Study Abroad Club is to: provide interested study abroad student a different setting that normal curriculum studies would not allow; greatly impact a student's life, personally, professionally, and academically for years after the study abroad experience; influence the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of study abroad students.

Palomino Alliance Coalition

Club Advisor: Dr. Dan Rodriguez   |   |   (210) 486-3344
Club Advisor: Mary Apolinar   |

The Palomino Alliance Coalition is an affiliated Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender student organization that strives for equality and acceptance amongst all people.

Phi Theta Kappa

Club Advisor: Sylvia De Hoyos   |   |   (210) 486-3089

The purpose of Alpha Pi Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Palo Alto College shall be the promotion of scholarships, development of leadership and service and cultivation of fellowship among qualified students on this college.

Photography Club

Club Advisor: Stacy Ybarra Evans   |   |   (210) 486-3367

The purpose of the Palo Alto Photography Club is to bring together students and staff members who share an interest in photography as a profession or a hobby and to enrich our learning experience by learning from each other, sharing our ideas, needs, and creativity and therefore the overall education experience of the college.


Club Advisor: Diane Lerma   |   (210) 486-3267

To promote a learning community among current and past Puente Students.

Sigma Alpha Pi

 Club Advisor: Gabby Rangel   |   |   (210) 486-3125
Club Advisor: Eloisa Cordova  |  |   (210) 486-3127

Sigma Alpha Pi is an honor society that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. It provides an opportunity to gain recognition for outstanding contributions to Palo Alto College via leadership, service and academic achievements.The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world.


Club Advisor: Rose Zambrano   |   |   (210) 486-3339
Club Advisor: Tito Chavarria   |   |   (210) 486-3331

SOFE-MAES is set to unite students of Palo Alto College, to provide encouragement and support in pursuing a career in an engineering profession. The Purpose of this chapter is to develop interested students, by providing information and opportunities for members to excel in Engineering and STEM fields. our vision is to be a springboard for dedicated learners to transition from the community college to the university, as informed, excited, and confident leaders.

Student Government Association

Club Advisor: Katherine Beaumont   |   |   (210) 486-3121
Club Advisor: Veronica Rosas-Tatum   |   |   (210) 486-3085

The Student Government Association is the resounding voice of the student body. We exist as the liaison between the students and Palo Alto College’s staff, faculty, and administration. SGA works to enhance the educational experience of students at PAC by serving as an advocate for addressing student concerns. Every student at PAC is a member of the SGA; SGA only works if you participate.

Student Veterans Organization

Club Advisor: Vince Bosquez   |  |   (210) 486-3113
Club Advisor: Laurie medina   |   |   (210) 486-3115

The mission of the Student Veterans Organization is to advocate,support, and be a home to student veterans, in order to ensure their success in higher education. We strive to provide academic, social, and administrative support to student veterans and their family members usuing VA educational benefits and/or the Texas Hazelwood Exemption.

The Anime Club

Club Advisor: Shelia Sanchez-Hatch   |   |   (210) 486-3230

The Anime Club is a Japanese animation club striving to introduce its members to non-mainstream anime. We watch and discuss anime, learn the Japanese language, and study the general culture. Some of our weekly activities include Wildcard, Anime Lingo, Character Spotlight, and community interactions such as attending anime conventions and representing the Otaku community of Palo Alto!

Tri-Beta Biological (Delta Pi)

Club Advisor: Stamatis Muratidis   |   |   (210) 486-3391

Its purpose is to encourage scholarly attainment in the field of biological sciences, to cultivate interest in the natural sciences, and to promote a better appreciation of the values of biological studies. It also endeavors to extend the boundaries of our knowledge through scientific investigation and the dissemination of scientific information. Participation includes local, regional, and national events.

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