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Strategic Plan - for the Students, Employees, and Community of the Alamo Colleges


Empowering our diverse communities for success.



The Alamo Colleges will be the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence.



The members of Alamo Colleges are committed to building individual and collective character through the following set of shared values in order to fulfill our vision and mission.

Students First 

Respect for All 



Can-Do Spirit 



Strategic Objectives and Goals


Strategic Objective I:  Student Success

Provide academic and student support and align labor market-based pathways with a focus on Achieving the Dream to achieve student completion.  

A. Leverage and strengthen engagement with P-12 partners to improve the college-readiness and transition of students from high school to college and to work/careers.

B. Increase overall student performance by closing performance gaps between ethnic/racial, gender and socioeconomic groups.

C. Deploy and improve the MyMAP student experience to integrate advising, support and academic progress.

D. Provide an aligned, comprehensive approach to accelerate the completion of required AlamoPREP and AlamoREADY to accelerate students’ progress toward their academic and career goals.

E. Define, align, assess, and improve student learning outcomes/competencies for all academic and workforce programs.

F. Organize and deploy the Alamo INSTITUTES to align our instructional system to labor market demand and career pathways.

G. Increase performance (retention, graduation, transfer, and job placement) of all students to exceed the state and national average levels.


Strategic Objective II:  Principle-Centered Leadership 

Provide opportunities for Alamo Colleges students and employees to develop as principle-centered leaders.  

A. Incorporate personal and social responsibility, global citizenship, critical thinking, and life-long learning as the framework of principle-centered leadership into the culture and curriculum of the Alamo Colleges.

B. Promote data-informed innovation, intelligent risk taking, and entrepreneurship with a focus on action, value, and the future.

C. Build and foster a system that allows us to model two-way internal communication with students and employees to improve collaboration, teamwork, and build trust to promote leadership.


Strategic Objective III:  Performance Excellence 

Continuously improve our employee, financial, technological, physical and other capacities with focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and agility.  

A. Deploy to scale performance excellence (Baldrige) approaches to ensure organizational sustainability through use of data, continuous improvement, and efficient and effective work systems.

B. Build talent and engage employees with a focus on collaboration, application of knowledge and skills, and high performance teams.

C. Ensure sound financial management with emphasis on cost containment.

D. Innovate and maximize technology to support student and employee success.

E. Develop environmental sustainability initiatives and processes.

F. Improve partnerships and alliances by two-way communication with external communities.



Integrated Planning

Integrated denotes that no part of the planning process takes place in isolation from the other parts. Integrated planning depicts an organization's complete planning and control system. The three components of integrated planning are the strategic plan, the action plan, and the results management processes.



 Integrated Planning Process 

The integrated planning model for the Alamo Colleges points all colleges and district support operations units to strengthen the connection between the strategic plan, the action plans, and the budget. The model requires the integration of strategic and action planning with a systematic results management process where performance outputs and outcomes are evaluated, controlled, reported, and improved. Taking corrective action involves improving actual performance, adjusting the performance standard (target), or both. Performance reports, including scorecards and dashboards, bring closure to action plans.

The alignment and integration of strategic planning, performance budgeting, and performance measurement are critical to ensure student success at the Alamo Colleges.

PDF format Integrated Planning Model for the Alamo Colleges (update pending)