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Alamo Colleges has initiated new training programs and are modifying existing programs and courses that integrate green knowledge and skills. Four planning assumptions drive the Alamo Colleges Green Job Training Institute:

1. Green Jobs will be Transformed from Existing Jobs

While the data on high-growth, high-demand occupations for the new energy economy is not easily obtained, and many of the occupations in green industries are not listed in the Bureau of Labor Statistics standard occupational codes (SOC), the Alamo Colleges assume that the majority of green jobs will be transformed from existing jobs, requiring a redefinition of skill sets, methods, and occupational profile. (Adapted from: Feldbaum, F., States, H. (2009). Going Green - The Vital Role of Community Colleges in Building a Sustainable Future and Green Workforce. AED, Washington, DC,

2. Policies and Economic Stimulus Initiatives will Drive Demand

A second assumption is that, as green policies and economic stimulus initiatives are implemented, demand for new green occupations requiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities will increase. Therefore, the Alamo College are already working with the Workforce Solutions Alamo to gather specific and accurate labor market information about the emerging green jobs in the Alamo region, thus identifying the pathways by which individuals can move from current occupations to green jobs. The pathways include training, degrees and/or other credentials.

3. Jobs in Energy Efficiency will Lead

Most of the initial green jobs in the Alamo Region will be created by the energy efficiency sector, particularly in buildings and construction. The energy-efficiency sector encompasses a wide range of activities including: green-building design and construction; renovation and retrofitting of existing buildings; energy management; and manufacture of products needed for these activities.

4. Bilingualism will be a Competitive Edge

Many low-income households receiving weatherization upgrades and many green jobs workers will be Spanish-dominate, so bilingual and vocational ESL training and command Spanish for English speakers is required.


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