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What services are offered at the Welcome Back Center? 

The San Antonio Welcome Back Center offers individualized case management services that will assist in understanding the re-certification process for your profession.     

We offer career, educational and employment guidance throughout the program.  This includes providing alterative pathways to careers in the healthcare field, referrals to additional education or training programs, and job search assistance.

The San Antonio Welcome Back Center will conduct an in-depth educational and career assessment and develop an individualized career plan that will identify short and long term goals. 

The San Antonio Welcome Back Center offers English for Healthcare Professionals and Orientation to Healthcare in the U.S. classes through the year.

If for any reason the Center cannot assist with a specific request or need, we will utilize our referral system to provide assistance.   

Am I eligible for these services? 

Any internationally trained healthcare professional living in the San Antonio area who was trained as a Physician, Nurse, Dentist or Pharmacist can apply for services. The Center does not have the capacity to serve individuals residing outside of the San Antonio area or Individuals residing outside of the United States.

Does the San Antonio Welcome Back Center assist all health professionals? 

No, at this time the San Antonio Center does not have the capability to provide services for other professionals.

How can I participate in the San Antonio Welcome Back Center? 

The Center can be contacted either by phone at 210.485.0878 or email Please allow

1-2 business days to return your message. 

 Does the San Antonio Welcome Back Center offer educational scholarships or financial support? 

No, the San Antonio Welcome Back Center does not receive funding to provide educational scholarships nonetheless; any participants can apply for our Alamo Colleges I-BEST program which has some training opportunities at no cost.

Does the San Antonio Welcome Back Center offer job placement services? 

The San Antonio Welcome Back Center does not directly find jobs for participants; however we do provide job search assistance for our active participants through our partnering agencies. We also provide participants with job opportunities as that information becomes available. 

Does the Center offer an interpreter in any language? 

No, but the San Antonio Welcome Back Center does have Spanish speaking staff. If a participant’s English skills are limited, it is suggested that the participant bring an adult interpreter.  

Department Info

 Call 210.485.0240 or Visit us at:

Alamo Area Welcome Back Center
563 SW 40th St.
San Antonio, Texas 78237
(Located inside the Westside Education and Training Ctr.)

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Welcome Back Program.