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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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Alamo Colleges' Library Information

St. Philip's College
• MLK Campus Library
• Southwest Campus Library

Office of the Vice Chancellor, Economic and Workforce Development  
201 W. Sheridan, Building D-117, San Antonio. TX 78204                                 

Dr. Federico Zaragoza, Vice Chancellor 485-0015 
Ida Leos, Administrative Asst. to the Vice Chancellor 485-0015 
Cristal Garcia, Grants Manager   485-0145 
Corina Vera, Administrative Secretary 485-0816 
Mary Gay, Budget Officer  485-0148 
Budget Office     485-0147 

The Corporate College
Workforce Center of Excellence, 203 Norton St.
San Antonio TX 78201 

Colin Nichols, Director  485-0817 
Janice Wehrman, Program Manager   485-0818 
Pauline Ramirez, Program Manager 485-0810 
Mark Price, Program Manager   485-0246 
Dr. Juan Song, Program Manager             485-0827 
Maryela Ruiz, Accountant     485-0812     
Karla Blackstock, Corporate Liaison         485-0863  
Raquel Perez, Corporate Liaison 485-0815  

Workforce Administration and Special Projects
7900 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, TX 78223             

Dr. Jo B. Tucker, Director 485-0706 
Michael Crowley, Account Executive      485-0708 

International Programs, 201 W. Sheridan
Building C7, San Antonio, TX 78204           

Carol Fimmen, Director                                    485-0076 

Professional Development
8300 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, TX 78223             

Belkiss Rodriguez, Coordinator  786-5800 

Local Specialty Centers 


Alamo University Center                
8300 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, TX 78223             

Belkiss Rodriguez, Director 486-5030 
District Nursing and Allied Health Program 486-5897 
Dr. Lu Pelayo, Director 486-5897 

Brackenridge Education and Training Center                        
532 Center Street, San Antonio, TX 78202 

Maria de Luna-Jones, Off-Site Coordinator 485-0283 

Workforce Center of Excellence    
203 Norton Street, San Antonio, TX 78211 

Steve Duran, Director 485-0823 
CE- Center for Student Information,  Enrollment Specialist 485-0860 
Steven Sparks, Director  485-0805 
Michelle Burnett, Coordinator  485-0803 


Stacey Scott, Director 485-0837 
Alamo Academies Office    485-0811 
Gene Bowman, Executive Director            485-0826 
Troy Kettell, Chief Coordinator 485-0834 
Public Allies Program 485-0857  
Henry Rosales 485-0857 

Westside Education and Community Center 
563 SW 40th St., San Antonio, TX 78237                       

Eugene Gonzalez, Off-Site Coordinator  485-0253  

Work-Based English Solutions /IBEST Initiatives

Carrie Tupa, Coordinator  485-0242 
 Jarred Boggs 485-0267 
Health Professions Opportunity Grant 485-0254 

San Antonio Welcome Back Center

Sonia Aguirre, Coordinator 485-0279