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Some faculty members have Practice Tests available for students to exam themselves prior to taking tests. It's of great help to check yourself with autoexams like these. You are welcome to make printouts of these tests and practice at home. NOTE: Some of the tests are not currently available. New tests are posted periodically.

PGC2A Dr. Garcia's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test1
PGC2B Dr. Garcia's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test2
PGC2C Dr. Garcia's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test3
PGC2D Dr. Garcia's Bio2401(A&P1)-Final Exam 

PGC3A Dr. Garcia's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test1
PGC3B Dr. Garcia's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test2
PGC4A Dr. Garcia's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test3
PGC4B Dr. Garcia's Bio2402(A&P2)-Final Exam 

PGC11A Dr. Garcia's Bio1407(GenBio2)-Test1
PGC11B Dr. Garcia's Bio1407(GenBio2)-Test2
PGC11C Dr. Garcia's Bio1407(GenBio2)-Test3
PGC11D Dr. Garcia's Bio1407(GenBio2)-Test4 

PRD3A Prof. Rodriguez's Bio2420(Micro)-Test1 

PSM7 Dr. Smith's Bio2420(Micro)-Test1
PSM8 Dr. Smith's Bio2420(Micro)-Test2
PSM9 Dr. Smith's Bio2420(Micro)-Test3
PSM10 Dr. Smith's Bio2420(Micro)-Test4 

PSM13 Dr. Smith's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test1
PSM14 Dr. Smith's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test2
PSM15 Dr. Smith's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test3
PSM16 Dr. Smith's Bio2401(A&P1)-Test4 

PSM18 Dr. Smith's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test1
PSM19 Dr. Smith's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test2
PSM20 Dr. Smith's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test3
PSM21 Dr. Smith's Bio2402(A&P2)-Test4 

PSM32 Dr. Smith's Bio1413(Gen. Zool.)-Test1
PSM33 Dr. Smith's Bio1413(Gen. Zool.)-Test2
PSM34 Dr. Smith's Bio1413(Gen.Zool.)-Test3