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Math0301 - Introduction to Algebra and Geometry

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Introduction to Real Numbers and Sets

Review Notes  Exercises
Introduction to Real Numbers and Sets    Exercise Set 1 
Operations on Rational Numbers   Exercise Set 2 


Solving Equations

Review Notes Exercises
Evaluating Variable Expressions   Exercise Set 3 
Simplifying Variable Expressions   Exercise Set 4 
Introduction to Equations   Exercise Set 5 
General Equations Part I   Exercise Set 6 
General Equations Part II   Exercise Set 7 
Literal Equations   Exercise Set 8 
The Addition and Multiplication Properties of Inequalities   Exercise Set 9 
General Inequalities   Exercise Set 10 


Problem Solving (Word Problems)

Review Notes Exercises
Verbal Expressions and Variable Expressions   Exercise Set 11 
Translating Sentences Into Equations and Solving   Exercise Set 12 
Ratio and Proportion   Exercise Set 13 
Interest   Exercise Set 14 
Real Estate Expenses   Exercise Set 15 
Mixture Problems   Exercise Set 16 
Uniform Motion   Exercise Set 17 



Review Notes Exercises
Addition/Subtraction of Polynomials   Exercise Set 18 
Multiplication/Division of Monomials w/ Positive Exponents   Exercise Set 19 
Multiplication of Polynomials   Exercise Set 20 
Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation   Exercise Set 21 
Division of Polynomials   Exercise Set 22 


Linear Equations in Two Variables

Review Notes Exercises
The Rectangular Coordinate System   Exercise Set 23 
Linear Equations in Two Variables   Exercise Set 24 
Intercepts and Slopes of Straight Lines   Exercise Set 25 



Review Notes Exercises
Introduction to Geometry   Exercise Set 26 
Plane Geometric Figures   Exercise Set 27 
Triangles   Exercise Set 28 
Solids   Exercise Set 29 
Composite Figures   Exercise Set 30 


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