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Math0302 - Elementary Algebra

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Notes Exercises
Factoring a Monomial from a Polynomial  Exercise Set 1 
Factoring by Grouping  Exercise Set 2 
Factoring Trinomials of the form ax2 + bx + c, a is 1  Exercise Set 3 
Factoring Trinomials of the form ax2 + bx + c, a is not 1  Exercise Set 4 
Special Factoring formulas  Exercise Set 5 
Solving Quadratic Equations using Factoring  Exercise Set 6  
Applications of Quadratic Equations  Exercise Set 7 


Rational Expressions and Equations
Notes Exercises
Simplifying Rational Expressions  Exercise Set 8 
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions  Exercise Set 9 
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with a Common Denominator  Exercise Set 10  
Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions  Exercise Set 11 

Complex Fractions 

Exercise Set 12 
Solving Rational Equations  Exercise Set 13 
Rational Equation: Applications & Problem Solving   Exercise Set 14 


Roots, Radicals, and Complex Numbers
Notes Exercises
Roots and Radicals  Exercise Set 15 
Rational Exponents  Exercise Set 16 
Simplifying Radicals  Exercise Set 17 
Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Radicals  Exercise Set 18 
Dividing Radicals  Exercise Set 19 
Solving Radical Equations  Exercise Set 20 
Complex Numbers  Exercise Set 21 


Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Notes Exercises
Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square  Exercise Set 22  
Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula  Exercise Set 23 


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