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Greetings**Saludos**Salutations **Grüße ** Cumprimentos ****

问候 **   التّحيّات  **   挨拶

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Greetings**Saludos**Salutations **Grüße ** Cumprimentos ****

问候 **   التّحيّات  **   挨拶

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How Do You Spell Success?


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The Center for English Language Learning at San Antonio College



You should take classes in the CELL @ SAC program ...


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Because you will be creating new opportunities


Because you will be investing in your future

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Because you will be opening new doors

 What is the Center for English Language Learning at San Antonio College?

The Center for English Language Learning at San Antonio College (CELL @ SAC) provides an opportunity for international students, immigrants, professionals, and other English Language Learners (ELLs) to study in a dynamic learning community and acquire or improve essential English skills. CELL @ SAC offers English language credit (ESLA and ENGA) and noncredit (ESL) classes to help students learn to read, write, speak, and understand American English for social, professional, and academic purposes.


 Why Should I take ESL Classes at CELL @ SAC?

  •  A college degree
  •  More pay
  •  Better job opportunities
  •  Job promotions
  •  New skills
  •  Improvement in day-to-day communication
  •  Completion certificate for English Proficiency  
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 Did you know??
The amount you earn is directly related to your level of education. The difference between a high-school diploma and an Associate’s Degree can be as much as $8,000 per year or more.


  Have more Questions?

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 What can I take? 

  Two types of Courses:

1. Credit

a. English as Second Language for Academics (ESLA--credit)  

Intensive courses (Levels 1 - 4):  Speaking and Listening; Writing; Grammar; and Reading and Vocabulary 
Purpose:  Prepare students for advanced courses (ENGA) or to improve communication skills in English for professional careers.


b. English for Academic Purposes (ENGA--credit)  

Intensive courses:  Grammar & Composition; and Reading & Vocabulary. 
Purpose:  Prepare students for college or university classes.
Requirements:   (1) completion of ESLA or ESL level 4 or ENGA course placement testing; (2)  *College readiness (TSI) exam    

Who can apply?


ESLA (credit) classes if  

  • want to improve reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking skills for college-level courses;
  • have an  F-1 visa;
  • have financial aid; or
  • are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who wish to continue their education at SAC, transfer to university programs or pursue professional careers.


2. Non-Credit    


English as a Second Language (ESL--non-credit)

Intensive courses (Levels 1-4):  Speaking and Listening; Writing; Grammar; and Reading and Vocabulary
Purpose: To improve communication skills in English for professional careers.


 Who can apply?  

 ESL (non-credit) classes if  

  • have to pay out-of-state tuition;
  • have any kind of visa except F-1 Visa;
  • want to improve English skills for training or employment opportunities; and/or
  • plan to take ESLA after they have in their possession, documents and/or evidence of a high school diploma, residency, etc. 


 What do I learn?

  •  LISTENING - Understand spoken American English in diverse situations. 
  •  READING - Read the written English with fluency and understanding.
  •  SPEAKING - Learn pronunciation and to speak using Standard American English for work, career goals, home, and the community.
  •  WRITING - Write English using clear grammatical structures.
  •  GRAMMAR (The foundation of language learning) - Designed to complement speaking and writing skills

*To see a complete and detailed list of what you will learn, click on the link for  Student Learning Outcomes .

 What is the typical class schedule?

  • Four levels from beginners to advanced (ESLA/ESL)
  • College preparation classes in 1) composition and grammar and 2) reading and vocabulary in English for Academic Purposes (ENGA)
  • 8 weeks
  • Flexible schedules: day classes 
  • Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday classes
  • Each class is 2 hour 40 minutes.
  • Each skill (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking and Listening) is a separate class.
  • Lab may be required for some classes.

 What are the additional services?

  •  Free access to the computer laboratories
  •  Free tutoring at the   Writing Center  English, ReadingStudent Mega Lab, Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) Lab  
  •  Workshops and support groups include Reading circles, Conversation club, Pronunciation practice, specialized workshops/ seminars designed for students’ needs
  •  Computer laboratory with e-mail and Internet access, computer assignments
  •  Sports and athletics: intramural sports, gymnasium, tennis courts, track
  •  Student organizations and clubs include the International Student Association (ISA)
  •  International Student Services

 How do I apply?

CELL offers complete service for new and returning ESL Students.  The  Getting Started  process includes information about classes, filling out an application, taking a placement test, registering for courses, and advising for other student questions and concerns.  The Center for English Language Learning is located in Oppenheimer Academic Center OC #119 to register for ESLA, ENGA, & ESL classes.   International Students Office      is located on the second floor in OC #220.

 Vision, Mission, and Goals

  Vision:  The vision of San Antonio  College is to be recognized nationally for student success and best practices.  As part of that vision, CELL @ SAC’s vision  is to provide a vibrant  learning  environment for English language learners  (ELLs) to  prepare for success in their academic and/or career choices.

  Mission Statement:

 The mission of the Center for English Language Learning at San Antonio College (CELL @ SAC) is to provide an opportunity for international students, immigrants, professionals and other ELLs to study in a dynamic learning community to  acquire essential English  language and  cultural adaptation skills  necessary to meet academic, professional, and personal goals.       

CELL @ SAC Goals:
  1. To provide high-quality, comprehensive  instruction for ELLs.
  2. To prepare ELLs to transition to and be successful in college-level classes.
  3. To develop the communication skills  of ELLs to work in a diverse global society.


Contact Information


Oppenheimer Academic Center
(OC-119) (corner of Lewis and W. Evergreen)

Phone:  210-486-0965

 Lab Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

 Map of ESL Classroom Locations

Map of Specific Campus Locations


CEA Accreditation

has national accreditation 
from the 
 Commission on English Language  Program Accreditation 

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