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The ALAMOCash Card And Student Refunds

Effective Summer 2012, Alamo Colleges has partnered with a third party provider (currently Heartland Payment Systems) to provide refunds to students due to credit balances in their student account. Specific withdrawal and refund dates depend on semester start and end dates.

Refund Schedule 

 If you have not received your AlamoCash Card, Call Toll Free 1-866-930-4065.


ALAMO Cash Card*

There are three (3) options to receive a student refund through the Heartland System:

  • ALAMOCash Card - this is the default if no other option is selected.
  • Direct Deposit to student's existing checking/savings account
  • Check issued by Heartland

*The Heartland Payment System is the Alamo Colleges new process for issuing student refunds.

Are there any fees for using the ALAMOCash Card?

The Alamo Colleges negotiated to eliminate virtually all the fees for students on the new Alamo Cash Card. Here are the details:
• Students can get cash from the AlamoCash card in multiple ways –

  • ATM:
  • Acceluraid ATM on each Alamo College’s campus. You can withdraw your money from these with no charge.
  • Non-Acceluraid ATM – Acceluraid waives Card fee for up to 2 free withdrawals per Financial Aid deposit:
    • PulseSelect/MoneyPass ATM network also waive any other bank surcharge fee
    • Other ATMs may have surcharge set by that bank
  • CHECK OR BANK TRANSFER: After Card Activation, you can go online and request a check or transfer of funds into another bank account
  • PURCHASE USING THE CARD: You can use your card anywhere Discover or Debit Card payment is accepted at no fee

• You can add money to your card for convenient use on campus or around town (bank transfers to the Cash Card are free; credit card transfers to add money have a $2.50 fee to cover the merchant bank fees)
• You cannot overdraw your account. it is a declining balance card; so normal bank fees do not apply
• If you lose your card and want a replacement, there is a $10 fee to replace it. You can use your Alamo Colleges student ID card at ATM's in the interim until you receive your replacement debit card.
• Alamo Colleges receives no revenue from our Alamo Colleges Campus Debit card program; just paper, postage and employee labor cost savings from not having to produce paper checks.


How are Alamo Colleges refunds including financial aid disbursements delivered to students?

Financial aid and other refunds are deposited electronically to your Alamo Colleges ALAMOcash Debit Card.

What are some of the benefits to using the ALAMOCash Card?

  • Unlimited free withdrawals at any of the Alamo Colleges' ATMs displaying the ALAMOCash card logo
  • Two (2) free withdrawals (each time Alamo Colleges makes a deposit to your card) at any off-campus ATM in the Pulse Select and Money Pass network
  • Ability to use the ALAMOCash card wherever Discover is accepted, including food services and bookstores at all Alamo Colleges
  • Ability to request a check or funds transfer to another bank if you do not want to use the card 
  • If you lose your card, the ability to access funds via your Campus ID Card in an emergency


What is the ALAMO COLLEGES ALAMOCash Debit Card?

What is the Alamo Colleges ALAMOCash card?
The Alamo Colleges ALAMOCash Debit Card — powered by the Heartland Payment Systems — is an FDIC-insured, prepaid debit card issued to students for disbursement of financial aid and other refunds.

Is Alamo Colleges ALAMOCash Card a credit card?
No. The ALAMOCash Card is a prepaid card that allows you to only spend up to the amount that you have preloaded to your card. If you put $100 on your card, you have $100 to spend. It's that simple!

Where are the preloaded funds held?
All funds are held in an online trust account — linked to your ALAMOCash Card — at Central National Bank of Enid.

Do I need to change bank accounts to use the Alamo Colleges ALAMOCash Card?
No. Use your checking or savings account as you normally would, and just transfer money to your ALAMOCash Card whenever you'd like.


Who qualifies for the Alamo Cash Card?

All Alamo Colleges' students qualify for the ALAMOCash Card; however, not all student will automatically receive one.
ALAMOCash cards are mailed to the address on record when it is determined that a student has a credit balance (after tuition and fees have been paid from the student's account). You will be notified via your Alamo Colleges ACES student e-mail that you have a refund due.

How do I get an ALAMOCash Debit Card?

If you need an ALAMOCash Card, please visit the Heartland Payment System via your ACES account.

How do work-study employees receive financial aid refunds?

Work-study employees will receive their financial aid refund according to their designation upon employment, either a check or direct deposit.

Where are AlamoCash Cards mailed?

AlamoCash Cards are mailed to your address of record in ACES. To update your address, go to the Personal Information under Web Services in the Student Tab.

What do I do when I receive my AlamoCash Card?

You need to activate your card. You can do this at:

What do I do if I do not receive my card?

Your ALAMOCash card was mailed directly to your address. 

If you have not received your AlamoCash Card Call Toll Free 1-866-930-4065.

The website at allows you to track your card by simply clicking on “Where Is My Card?”

How does the financial aid disbursement schedule work?

When a refund is due, funds are transmitted to Heartland Payment Systems, Inc., and are placed on the card. For your planning purposes, Alamo Colleges posts a Disbursement Schedule every semester at, which gives estimated dates for mailing of cards, dates that credits are posted to the student account, and the date that funds will be available.

How do I add money to my ALAMOCash Card?

How do I add money to my ALAMOCash Card?
In addition to the financial aid and other refunds issued by the Alamo Colleges, you can load funds to your card by accessing your online account.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can load onto my card?
There is no required minimum for loading money to your card, but there is a daily maximum of $999. There is no daily maximum for Alamo Colleges issued refunds.


How do I use my ALAMOCash Card?

Where can I use my ALAMOCash Card to make purchases?

Use your ALAMOCash Card to pay for a variety of goods and services around campus, including dining and bookstore purchases.

Your ALAMOCash Card is accepted at many merchants around campus and across the country — just look for merchants displaying the Discover® logo.

Is there a minimum balance I must keep on my card?
No. There is no minimum balance requirement. However, you have the option to set up automatic fund transfers to periodically replenish — or top-up — your account when it reaches a specified balance.

Do I need a PIN?
Yes. You need a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Some merchants — or locations — will require you to enter your PIN when you make purchases with your ALAMOCash Card.

Can I use my card to get cash back?
Yes. You have the ability to request cash back when making purchases at select merchants. You will be required to enter your PIN when requesting cash back.

Does it work at ATMs?

Yes. You can withdrawal cash from a participating ATM. Cash withdrawals at the ALAMOCash ATMs located at six Alamo Colleges campuses are free of charge. You can also make two free cash withdrawals per ACH deposit at any in network ATM (Pulse Select, MoneyPass and Star). ATM balance inquiries and withdrawals do have standard fees. You may
avoid the fee for balance inquiry by checking your account balance online.


How do I check my account balance?

How do I check my account balance?
View your remaining balance instantly with each purchase — it appears at the bottom of each of your receipts. Plus you can sign up to receive instant email notifications of your transactions, including your account balance. When making a purchase at a vending machine with an LED screen, your balance is displayed after your purchase. You can
also log in to your account online to view your balance and transaction history.

Do I get a monthly statement?
Access your online account to view your statement and transaction history at anytime, free of charge. You will not receive a monthly statement in the mail. However, you may request a paper statement for a fee of $9.95 per request.

Does my balance carry over at the end of each semester?

Yes. Your balance rolls over at the end of each semester and school year.

What happens to my balance when I graduate?
You can continue to use your card after graduation at participating merchants, or you can request that your remaining balance be mailed to you by check. If you keep a balance on your card — and do not use your card for more than 24 months — you will be subject to a monthly inactivity fee beginning on the 25th month. To avoid the Inactivity fee, simply use your card to make a purchase of any amount.

Do I earn interest on my balance?
No. There is no interest paid on your balance, which eliminates monthly service fees and minimum balance requirements.


What if I lose my ALAMOCash Card?

What if I lose my ALAMOCash Card?

Immediately report the loss by emailing us or calling us at 1-866-930-4065. Once your lost card has been canceled, a new card will be mailed to you.

In the meantime, you can request activation of your Alamo Colleges student ID for convenient use at on-campus ATMs bearing the ALAMOCash Card logo. See for more information.

Is there a replacement fee?

Yes. There is a $10 lost card replacement fee. If your card is stolen and you
provide a police report, the $10 lost card fee will not apply.

What if I prefer funds be applied back to my credit card?

When a refund is preferred to be applied back to a credit card used to pay tuition; please contact the District Business Office. This manual process will require an email to any of the following three employees. Please include on the subject line of your email: Credit Card Refund and banner ID.

Contact Information 

Daniel Rocha 

Diana Estrada 

Aide Contreras

Can I get one if I don't have a refund?

Yes. Students who are not due refunds, but want an ALAMOCash Card can request a card by contacting Acceluraid (HOW). To use the card, deposits will have to be made by the student.

Did Alamo Colleges sell my information to a third party?

The Alamo Colleges and its vendors will not sell your confidential information to third parties.

Is the Alamo Colleges profiting from this arrangement with Discover Card?

The Alamo Colleges do not receive financial gain from the use of the ALAMOCash card. We negotiated to eliminate virtually all the fees for students using the Alamo CashCard.

Is there an activation fee?

Are there monthly fees?
No. There are no monthly fees or service charges.

Are there transaction fees?
No. There are no transaction fees for purchases. ATM withdrawals on campus are free. You receive up to 2 free withdrawals at off-campus ATMs. For more information please view the Cardholder Agreement

If the answer I need isn't here, who do I contact?

If you still have questions, please fill out the contact form at:

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Learn everything you need to know about the Alamo Cash Card here.

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