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The Greater Kerrville Center Staff

Alamo Colleges is pleased to house three staff members, Shawna Fahrenthold, Beau Saul, and Misty Payne. 
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Shawna Fahrenthold is the Greater Kerrville Center Manager. She is the liaison between Alamo Colleges and all other agencies in Kerrville. Mrs. Fahrenthold can be found in her office encouraging a student to succeed or working with business partners. She is in charge of all instructors and staff, any difficulties can be met with resolution once they are brought to Mrs. Fahrenthold. A graduate from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Mrs. Fahrenthold has been with Alamo Colleges since the center's inception in 2008.

“I talk to community partners and work toward bringing the best community education programs to our center."- Shawna Fahrenthold 

 beau headshot   
Beau Saul is The Greater Kerrville Center’s Student Success Specialist.  Mr. Saul helps students register for admission, financial aid, and all requirements for college. Mr. Saul sees students on a daily basis with consultations and concerns about their education. A graduate from Northwest Vista College, Mr. Saul has been with Alamo Colleges since 2009.

“My job allows me to interact with students and the community.  I enjoy this interaction because it gives me the opportunity to help multiple individuals by answering questions and assisting with any difficulties that may arise.” –Beau Saul 

 misty headshot   
Misty Payne is the Senior Secretary for the Greater Kerrville Center.  She provides support services to all staff, faculty, and students. She schedules activities and appointments, as well as coordinating partner functions. She assists potential and current students with questions about admissions, schedules, testing, and scholarships. She is the first person people meet at The Greater Kerrville Center always greeting everyone with a warm smile. Originally from North Texas, Ms. Payne has been with Alamo Colleges since 2010.

“Interaction with potential and current students, helping them get started on their educational goals, its so fulfilling” –Misty Payne 


Updated 9/18/2013