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About Us

Palo Alto College offers several Distance Learning programs. Under these programs, students may enroll for courses that are delivered via the Internet, Interactive Video Conferencing, and Telecourses. The main purpose of Distance Learning courses is to offer flexible schedules that allow students the opportunity to attend college at their convenience.

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Distance Education Checklist

  • Answer YES or NO for each statement. 
  • I am a self-motivated individual.
  • I can spend at least 4-6 hours a week to work on an Internet course.
  • I am able to work independently with little or no direction.
  • I am a self-starter and self-disciplined.
  • I am a good time manager and an organized person.
  • I have good study habits.
  • I can take good notes from lectures, from textbooks, or from videos.
  • I have at least a 2.5 grade average.
  • I have completed at least one semester of on-campus, college-level course work.
  • I am in control of all my free time and I know how to schedule it advantageously.
  • I know how to read for comprehension.
  • I always prepare and study for exams — whether true or false, multiple choice, or essay.
  • I am goals-directed and results-oriented. I usually accomplish what I set out to do.
  • I am comfortable using technology.
  • I know how to cut and paste within a Word document.
  • I know how to use e-mail.
  • I know how to attach and open attached documents.
  • I know how to change font STYLE, font SIZE, and font COLOR.

How many questions did you HONESTLY answer YES?
If you answered at least 15 of these statements with a "yes", then Distance Learning, whether it is telecourse, internet, or blended-based, may be right for you. Any less and you probably need to rethink your reasons for wanting to take a Distance Learning course — and whether you would really be comfortable in this learning environment. Distance Learning courses require self-discipline, motivation, and working independently. Most students report that Distance Learning courses are as difficult and time-consuming as conventional courses — or more so.

If you desire, you may always discuss with a counselor your decision in choosing a Distance Learning course.



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