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IT Security 

Lack of computer security awareness has become an increasing concern. Alamo Colleges has implemented hardware and software protection for computer network security. Users of the Alamo Colleges network need to acquire the knowledge to defend personal information, passwords, and data. Listed below are a few security concerns we face today. For more information on I.T. security, visit the Information Technologies Department Website. 

Are You A Victim? 

Identity Theft is a growing crime. Never give out your passwords or pin numbers. If your purse or wallet is stolen, notify the local police department. There are numerous ways to get your identity stolen, ranging from shoulder surfing, email scams, dumpster diving and stealing mail. Check your credit report often. Never give out your personal information or bank account information over the phone or via email. 

Computer Due For A Cleaning? 

The first line of defense in keeping your computer as secure as possible is through regular software updates and routine system maintenance. This will help avoid data loss, new viruses and other potential risk. You should check for updates on a weekly basis. Within Windows Security Center you can apply automatic updates. 

Computer Not Feeling Well? 

Do you know what your computer is contracting when it has internet access? The most important protection from viruses and spyware is not just virus protection but UPDATED virus protection. Virus protection software will protect your computer from viruses, Trojan horses, and other malicious code.




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