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STEM Student Celebration Ceremony

November 19, 2013
4:30pm in the Performing Arts Building (NPAC)
Northeast Lakeview College (1201 Kitty Hawk Rd.)

Congratulations on your scholarship!

This ceremony is to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education at Northeast Lakeview College and honor you and other STEM recipients on your academic accomplishments. You will have an opportunity to meet some of the College’s administrators.


Below are specific details regarding the event. Please read the instructions carefully.



Please remember to RSVP to or by calling (210) 486-5254 by November 14. With your RSVP, please provide the following:

  1. THE number of guests (up to 2)
  2. Your future career goals.


  • Doors to the NPAC will open at 3:30pm.
  • Please arrive by 4:00pm to receive a nametag and additional instructions.
  • You will be asked to join the other recipients in the Green Room where you grouped by career goal.
  • At 4:25 pm, all recipients will walk into the auditorium together and take a seat in the auditorium. It is imperative that you are on time.

Ceremony Instructions:

During the ceremony 

  • Scholarship recipient students will be seated in the front center section of the auditorium.
  • When your career goal is announced, you and other recipients with the same career goal will be asked to stand up and turn around and face the audience briefly.


At the end of the ceremony, you and your two guests are invited to a reception in the foyer if the Performing Arts Center. You are encouraged to visit with fellow awardees as well as faculty, administration, and visitors.


Dress for the event is business casual which communicates professionalism.

  • Women, a dressed up version of your casual clothes, Khakis, slacks or skirt, sweater set, open-collar shirt and jacket are appropriate.
  • Men, slacks or Khakis and a collared shirt are appropriate. A coat or jacket is not necessary and wearing a tie is optional.
  • If jeans are worn, they should be dark and in good shape, pressed with a crease. No ripped or faded worn-out jeans, t-shirts, shorts or other casual looks are appropriate.


  • Please note there is limited seating in the NPAC. Your guests’ RSVP will guarantee seating for only two guests.
  • Your guests may RSVP by email to or by calling (210) 486-5254.
  • Please remind your guests that food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium.


Share the following link with your guests for directions to the College 

Attendees should parking in Lot 5. The Performing Arts Center is visible from this lot.  

Future Events

You have been invited to serve as an NLC Scholarship Ambassador. As a Scholarship Ambassador, you will build leadership skills as you represent NLC at various events and functions. We will have several events for STEM students to volunteer for this year. Please RSVP for the Ambassador Orientation by email to