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The Alamo Colleges are “resetting” the AA and AS degrees for 2014-2015 to the 2013-2014 catalog requirements. The advising guides will be changed back to “concentrations” with defined requirements for each degree. When a student completes the requirements in the 2014-2015 catalog for an AA or AS degree, the student’s transcript will include the concentration (e.g., major) earned.

 The Alamo Colleges (Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philip’s College) award four two-year degrees and certificates that lead to those degrees. In response to stakeholder feedback about the changes to AA and AS degrees, students entering the Alamo Colleges in Fall 2014 may select a “concentration” and upon completion of the AA or AS degree requirements will have the concentration listed on the transcript.
FAQs on the “reset” follow.

1. What will be changing by the beginning of the Spring 2015 semester?
The 2014-2015 AA and AS advising guide information will be changed to reflect the degree information in the 2013-2014 catalog. The advising guides will be renamed “concentrations.” The courses listed in each concentration/degree will be the required to earn the specific AA or AS degree. As an example, when the requirements for the AA “concentration” in English are completed, the transcript will indicate the student earned an Associates of Arts degree with a Concentration in English.

2. What AA and AS degrees are available to students who entered the Alamo Colleges in Fall 2014?

If you entered or transferred into the Alamo Colleges for the first time in the Fall 2014 semester, you may follow the degree requirements in any AA or AS concentration provided in any of the colleges’ catalogs. If you selected an advising guide in the 2014-2015 catalog to follow, you may continue to follow those requirements. As required in the past, you must earn 25% of the program requirements at the college from which you wish to graduate.

3. How will this affect students who entered the Alamo Colleges prior to Fall 2014?
All students in the Alamo Colleges will follow the degree requirements in the catalog of the academic year of entry. (e.g., students who entered in Fall 2014 planning to complete an AA or AS degree will follow the requirements in the concentration of choice. Students who entered in Fall 2013 or earlier will follow the requirements in the catalog of year of entry or a more recent catalog.)

4. What if I want to earn the core curriculum and other courses required at a specific 4-year institution?
You may work with an advisor to identify the courses required in the first two years for a specific baccalaureate degree at a university of choice. To complete an AA or AS degree, you will take the 42-hour core and an additional 18 hours of transfer courses required for the baccalaureate degree and earn a concentration in Liberal Arts or General Studies