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 Studying Gone Green

So what can students do to be sustainable?

Here's a list of tips for students:

Text books

Renting books

Why? Because it ensures all of the materials and resources that went into printing your book get as much use as possible.


Better yet, no trees are cuts down to create that digital textbook. Try it out! You can highlight and bookmark just the same, but now you can search for key words!

Old editions

If there isn't a rental or ebook option, your professor still might let you use an older edition. There's typically little difference between editions, and they're way cheaper! Plus, you're getting more use out of existing books.

Digital Resources

Digital Handouts

Why? Because it uses way less paper! Plus, having digital copies allows you to save them to your Dropbox, email, and devices so you can refer to them easily, without shuffling around a stack of papers.


Let's get our professors moving into the modern digital age. Ask your professor if you can submit homework and papers via ACES or email instead of paper. The next time your homework goes missing, there's a digital trail that proves your assignment was turned in on time. Plus, that eliminates the hassle of paying to print and then getting stuck with an empty paper tray right before class.

General Printing

Reading Materials

When you just HAVE to print, consider sharing them with classmates. Or just don't print them in the first place.

Double-sided Printing

If you select the double-sided option, you use half the paper you would have otherwise. If professors insist on printing course materials, a gentle nudge toward double-sided printing might help.

Class Materials

Digital Notes

How about typing up notes? Then when you're cramming for a test and you know you wrote that definition down somewhere... it's just a search key away.

Recycled content

When you need school supplies, check out the recycled content of the items. And artists, the world is your oyster! Incorporating reused fabrics and household items you picked up for cheap at a garage sale is not only the ultimate display of creativity, but no one will be able to replicate it!

Classroom Discussions

Environmental Relationships

No everyone has the same understanding of sustainability or how it relates to all of our class subjects. But that's just a question away. "Professor, what impact does this have on the environment?"


We bet you know a thing or two about sustainability. The next time your class discussion overlooks environmental factors, you have the opportunity the make the connection.

Eating on Campus


We have soda bottle-shaped recycling bins for a reason! Because that's where your used soda bottles go. Same goes for paper, cans, and everything listed here.

Reusable Containers

Better yet, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and lunch containers avoid both the landfill and recycling process. Our bookstore has some to offer, or bring your own!

Dining Service

Hey now, we know you have your favorite restaurants, but who wants to leave campus for lunch and find no parking spaces before their next class? If you don't like the food we provide on campus, let us know! We want to be your new favorite lunch spot. Okay, second favorite. But let's save that gasoline.

Energy and Water Saving


Daylight indoors will give your class a change of scenery, but save lots of energy if you dim or turn the lights off while utilizing daylight instead. Let's see how many professors will take the bait and switch! But someone has to ask!

Reducing Waste

Sometimes, there are water faucets that leak, or lights that stay on after the door is locked behind you. Let your facilities office know if you can see something is wasting energy or water. There's no need to leave the lights on when no one's around!