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Medical Billing and Coding Program

The Medical Billing & Coding Program consists of 6 courses and can be completed in 9 months. Our program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and up-to-date information to be a successful biller and/or coder. Just as importantly, students will learn the ICD-10 coding procedures that will make them marketable and valuable to employers. Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent and prefer candidates with a post secondary certificate or at least a year of study beyond high school. There is open entry/exit within the program although it is best to start with Medical Terminology.

MED 1014 - Medical Terminology (36 Hrs) 

This course introduces the student with medical terminology, word origin, structure and application, including abbreviations and symbols, surgical and diagnostic procedures and medical specialties.  The student will be able to identify, pronounce, and spell medical terms using various resource tools. Students will also be able to use medical terms in context, utilize prefixes, suffixes, root words, and plurals to construct medical terms, analyze medical terms, translate abbreviations and interpret symbols.  TEXT REQUIRED Medical Terminology Made Easy ISBN-13: 978-1401898847

MED 2004- Pathophysiology (36 Hrs) 

Students will study the pathology and general health management of diseases and injuries across the life span. Topics include etiology, symptoms, and the physical and psychological reaction to diseases and injuries. TEXT REQUIRED Memmler's the Human Body in Health and Disease 13th Ed ISBN-13: 978-1451192803

MCO 1004 - Medical Insurance & Billing (48 Hrs)

The course introduces the student to proper skills for billing purposes and insurance reimbursement.
Proper completion of CMS 1500 insurance billing forms, billing procedures, collection procedures and guidelines will be covered. Patient privacy regulations as related to HIPAA compliance will also be discussed. TEXT REQUIRED Understanding Health Insurance ISBN-13: 978-1-285-73752-2

MED 1001 - CPT & HCPCS (48 Hrs) 

Using the application of basic coding rules, students will be able to identify different nomenclatures, coding rules,
classification systems and assign codes. TEXTS REQUIRED. CPT 2015 Current Procedural Terminology ISBN-13: 978-1622020263 and Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2015 Ed 1e Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0323279819 Suggested Prerequisite: MED 1014

MCO 1001 - ICD-10-CM (48 Hrs) 

Students will learn the principles, guidelines, and process of the new ICD-10 CM coding basics. This is a general course and applies to all doctor's offices, outpatient settings and inpatient areas on how to come up with a diagnosis. ICD-10 will go into effect in October 2015. TEXT REQUIRED The Complete Official Draft Code Set ICD 10-CM 2014 ISBN-13: 978-1622020751

MCO 1005 - Certification Exam Review (24 Hrs)

Review of coding competencies and skills in preparation for a coding certification exam. TEXT REQUIRED Physician Coding Exam Review 2015 ISBN-13: 9780323352482



This course is for those who know medical coding but need to learn the new ICD-10 CM coding guidelines and codes. All coders must know ICD-10 by October 2015. TEXT REQUIRED Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide ISBN-13: 9780077862053