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How do I get a student visa?

 First, you must apply and be accepted by a college. Upon acceptance, the college/university will issue you a form called 1-20 and a letter of acceptance.

Second, you need to pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee.

Third, you need to make an appointment with the U.S. Embassy  in your home country to apply for an F-1 student visa.  You will need to bring your form I-20, acceptance letter, bank letter and SEVIS fee receipt.

What is an I-20, and what are the other immigration papers?

 Form I-20:  The I-20 is issued by the International Advisor or International Students Office (ISO) once a student has been admitted to any of the Alamo Colleges.  This form is shown to the U.S. Embassy to obtain an F-1 Visa.

Form I-901:
The I-901 is used to pay the SEVIS fee. This fee is required to obtain the F-2 Visa. For more information go to the following link:

The passport is a travel document in booklet form.  It shows your origin, identity and nationality.  It is used for entry into a foreign country.  The passport must be kept valid for the duration of your stay.  If your passport will be expiring within six months, you must renew it.

The Visa is stamped into the passport by an official of a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  The stamp indicates the visa type.  Visas may expire during your stay without penalty as long as you remain in the United States in good academic standing with San Antonio College.

  • F-1 visas are held by students attending school on a full-time basis.
  • F-2 visas are held by the spouse or children of an F-1 student.

 Form I-94: The I-94 is a white card stapled to the passport next to the entry visa.  The I-94 indicates the visa type, date of entry, port of entry, and the specific period of the time to remain in the U.S. The I-94 should be valid for “duration of status,” D/S for
F-1 students.

What is “good standing”?

 To be considered in good academic standing or in status, a student must:

  • Enroll in school and maintain a full-time course of study. Twelve credit hours per semester are considered full-time. ESL and remedial courses count towards these hours.
  • Have a passport that is kept valid at all times. Your passport must be valid for six months when you enter the U.S. This is also true each time you leave and re-enter the country.
  • Follow correct procedures to transfer to another education institution.
  • Report a change of address to International Advisor or International Students Office (ISO) within 10 days of moving.
  • Obtain extensions, as needed, of your permission to stay in the U.S.
  • Limit on-campus employment to a total of 20 hours per week during the semester.
  • Do not break the laws of the U.S. Conviction may result in deportation.  For some crimes, being arrested will result in deportation.

DO NOT work off-campus without U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services authorization.  Working without authorization may result in deportation. 

Can I get a social security number?

 A Social Security number is only assigned to people who are authorized to work in the United States. The Social Security Administration will not issue a number just to enroll in school. If you want to get a job on-campus, you should contact the International Advisor or the International Students Office and request authorization for work and a letter for the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration now requires proof that a job offer has been made to the student.

Can an international student work while in school?

Requirements vary for international students who want to work and study. Visit the Employment page of our website for details about on-campus and off-campus employment for international students.

Do I have to attend Summer Semester?

 If you apply for the summer semester, you must enroll in both summer sessions.  If you applied for the fall Semester or have been attending, you do not have to attend summer semester.

Can I attend school if my Visa is expired?

 Yes, as long as your passport and I-20 is valid.

Can I get medical insurance?

All students of the Alamo College are offered medical insurance. Charges for insurance for international students are included in their registration. More information concerning international health insurance is available on our Health Insurance page.

Does Alamo Colleges have dormitories?

Yes!  Alamo College offers the best in student living at Tobin Lofts. When it comes to premier student housing, Tobin Lofts offers the best, with 1, 2, and 4 bedroom options. Visit to see what it means to live at Tobin Lofts.

Are there any scholarships for International Students?

 Each college has limited scholarships for student s please visit for more information.