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Participating in the Alamo Colleges Internship Program will connect you with an organization where you can develop career-related skills in your field of interest and enrich your educational and professional experience.

This guide will assist you in your non-credit internship journey. From student benefits, to steps to applying for an internship, this guide will get you started.

What is an Internship? 

  • A period of practical training carried out by an Alamo Colleges student within an organization
  • Internships can be offered by any type of organization, large or small and for profit or non- profit
  • It is a partnership between an employer, student, and school
  • The sponsoring company will provide the work location, compensation, and experience in the career field

What are the Benefits? 

  • An internship assists in determining your career decision 
    • Provides a great environment for you to find a Mentor who can help you learn about your field of interest
    • Allows you to increase your professional connections and outstanding professional references for future employers
    • Learn career-related skills such as, public speaking, report-writing, and customer service

What are the Requirements? 

  • Enrolled in a minimum of six-semester hours (part-time) with the Alamo Colleges
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.5 or higher G.P.A.
  • Meet Pre-Requisites (as requested by employer) 
  • Complete and submit all Internship Program forms

Steps to Obtaining an Internship

1. Preparing for an Internship 

  • Research where (type of work/organization) and what you want to gain
  • Prepare a resume and request to have it reviewed by your Colleges Career Services personnel
  • Request Letters of Recommendation from faculty or advisors
  • Practice answering interview questions and research proper attire
  • Utilize resources provided by your Colleges Career Services department

2. Applying for Internship 

    • Prepare a cover letter specific for the internship - show you have researched the organization
    • Submit Student Internship Interest form 
    • Send cover letter and resume along with reference list
    • Always send a cover letter with resume as one attachment

3. Preparing for the Interviewing 

  • Alamo Colleges Internship Program Coordinator will contact you regarding recommendation and interview
  • Obtain a copy of the internship duties
  • Wear appropriate interview attire
  • Ensure your appearance and mannerisms are  professional
  • Interview with organization

4. Accepting Internship 

    • Complete the Internship Job Offer Agreement 
    • At the end of Internship, complete and submit
    • Intern Evaluation form 
    • Internship Questionnaire 


Alamo Colleges - Internship Program 

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