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Partnering with the Alamo Colleges will connect your organization with a diverse student population prepared and interested in exploring their field of interest.

This guide will assist you in participating in an internship from employer benefits, to steps to offering a non-credit paid internship, this guide will get you started.

What is an Internship? 

  • A period of practical training carried out by an Alamo Colleges student within an organization
  • Internships can be offered by any type of organization, large or small and for profit or non- profit
  • It is a partnership between an employer, student, and school
  • The sponsoring company will provide the work location, compensation, and opportunity to gain experience in the career field

What are the Benefits? 

  • Increase organization productivity (Project Work)
    • Early start on training your future employees
    • New ideas students bring from the classroom
    • Diversity in your organization's workforce
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Opportunity for current staff to learn management skills

Steps to Providing an Internship

1. Identify a Need 

  • What ongoing tasks take place in your organization/department?
  • What projects are currently in the "back burner?"
    • Conduct Research for a Report
    • Press Releases
    • Web Development

2. Identify which academic majors are of interest 

    • Business
    • Public Relations
    • Information Systems, etc.

3. Recruit for your Intern 

    • Complete Internship Program Master Agreement Form 
    • Complete Employer Job Description 
      • Identify Supervisor
      • Determine Internship Period
      • Determine Compensation

4. Alamo Colleges 

    • Posts Job on Alamo Colleges Internship website and with Colleges Career Services
    • Reviews Cover letters/resumes
    • Recommends at least three (3) students to Employer

5. Employer Interview 

    • Completes Internship Job Offer Agreement 
    • At end of Internship completes Evaluate Intern 


Alamo Colleges - Internship Program 

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Live Oak, TX 78233 
Telephone: Under Development