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Our online GED preparation materials are inexpensive, and you will be able to work on building your GED skills from the comfort of your own home or from any place where you can access the internet.

How online GED preparation works:  

  1. You sign up and pay your $70 fee;
  2. Once you have paid for access to the online materials and notified us of your payment, you will be emailed a log-in code which will allow you to access the online class information at;
  3. You will take an online practice test on your own, then submit your answers to the online scoring service available for the class;
  4. Once your results have been calculated, you may begin studying and preparing online for your GED!


How can I tell if online study and preparation are right for me?

Online study is not a perfect fit for every student. The students who benefit most from online study are those who are brushing up their skills or who did well while in school but simply need to refresh information they understood pretty well before leaving school. Also, online study is more flexible in many ways, but it still requires a strong time commitment and the motivation to keep up with studying and learning in spite of the absence of a teacher’s encouragement. You will need to remain focused and dedicated throughout your online preparation, much as a face-to-face student will need to do the same in a regular class. We have found that the most successful online GED students are those who spend a minimum of ten hours per week using the preparation program and studying for their examinations.

If you always struggled with one or more GED subjects and need an instructor to guide you through so that you can understand more fully, consider registering for a face-to-face GED class. You can read more about our GED-level instruction here: If you register for a face-to-face class, you will automatically get free access to the GED online preparation.

What will it cost me to register for online GED preparation?  

The cost of our online GED preparation is $70, payable before taking your practice test and beginning your online preparation.

Do I need to purchase any books in order to succeed with online GED preparation?  

We do not require that you purchase any books, but having a good study guide can be a tremendous help. A variety of GED study guides are available, and you should pick the one that best suits your needs and your price range.

What subjects are included in the online preparation?  

Our online GED preparation includes all four current test areas: language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

Is online GED preparation available in Spanish?  

Online GED preparation is available in Spanish as well as English.

What are the requirements for passing the actual GED test?  

Information about the official GED test can be found here:  

How long do I have to finish working on my GED using the online preparation materials?  

Your log-in code expires at the end of four months. You have until that date to use the online GED materials in order to improve your skills and prepare for your test. If you require more help after the deadline date, you may ask for a free one-month extension. Should you need more time than that, you may register and pay for the online preparation again.

May I take the online GED preparation more than once?  

Most definitely! We know that many GED students are hard-working individuals who must balance different priorities, and time can sometimes be tight. So if you need to register once more, we will gladly assist you in doing that.

How will I know how I scored on the practice test I take at the start of the preparation?  

On the computer, using your internet connection, you will enter all the responses you had to your practice test questions, and the online scoring system will provide you with an assessment of how you did.

What if I get stuck at some point and don’t know how to use the system?  

We will be glad to help you if you get stuck, and in most cases we can help you overcome any obstacles you encounter due to problems with understanding how to use the system. You may call us at (210) 486-2102 during normal business hours for help. Please be ready to tell us precisely what messages or error codes you are getting on your screen so that we can better assist you.

What if I don’t have easy access to the internet at home? Can I still access the online GED preparation from other places?  

You may access the online GED preparation materials from any computer that has an internet connection. Should you find yourself without internet access at home, you may use public libraries or come to our campus and use a computer here, in the Continuing Education computer lab (provided a class is not in session at the time). Please note that there will not be a staff member in the lab with you, so be prepared to work independently. Also, other labs and computers are available on campus for your use as a community member. Please feel free to visit the St. Philip’s College Learning Resource Center (LRC) for information on public computer use. You may visit the LRC website here for info regarding hours open to the public:  

Will there be a teacher available to teach me any sections of the study materials which give me difficulty?  

Personal and/or classroom instruction is not available for students taking only the online GED course. If you feel that you will need face-to-face instruction, check out our face-to-face GED-level courses here:  

What happens if I register for the GED online preparation and then find it isn’t the right fit for me?  

We work pretty hard to ensure that you have the information you need to make the right choice about GED preparation, but sometimes students do find that they would rather have face-to-face classes after all. If that happens, please contact us to find out when the next face-to-face classes will take place.

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?  

You are welcome to call us at (210) 486-2102 for more information. You may also drop by our office to ask questions. We are located in the Continuing Education Building, near the intersection of Walters St. and Martin Luther King Dr.

Let’s say I finish the online GED preparation and feel ready to take the GED . What do I do next?

After all your hard work, it’s time to wrap things up and actually get your GED! Information on the testing available at St. Philip’s College can be found here: (Please call the Testing Center for more current information on testing fees.) Make sure you take a printout of your practice test scores with you to sign up for the actual GED examination.

Is it possible to take the official GED test online once I am done preparing for it?  

At this time, the official GED is only available at authorized testing centers and is not available online in Texas. You may find the center nearest to you by using the locator available at the Texas Education Agency GED website:  

What if I don’t pass the actual test? May I retake the online preparation?

We hope that doesn’t happen, but if you do need additional preparation, we welcome your re-enrollment. If you still have time remaining in your four-month timeframe or your one-month extension, you will be able to keep studying without any additional expense. If, however, you have exhausted that available time, you will need to re-register and pay once more for the online study course.

How can I register and pay for online GED preparation?  

You should first set up a profile so that can officially become a continuing education student at St. Philip’s College. Instructions for setting up your profile can be found here: GED Online Registration Guide

To begin your profile, use this link: and choose “First time user account creation.”

Once you have successfully established your profile, you may register for the GED Online Preparation course. Using the registration and payment guide at the link provided above, search for your class (LIT 2000) and register for it.

Once your registration is complete, follow the instructions for payment.

Notify us that your payment has been made. You may do this by emailing or calling (210) 486-2102 We do not request your access codes until your payment has been verified. Your access codes will be emailed directly to your personal email address, so make sure you provide that to us when setting up your profile. Also, please remember to check your spam and junk folders for the email containing your log-in codes and information.


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