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San Antonio TX, 78212

The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a consortium of community colleges that work together to provide online learning opportunities for college students in Texas. The VCT's model involves three parties: the student, the student's home school (the 'host'), and the school where the course originates (the 'provider').

SAC Online is a provider college for VCT which means that SAC provides instruction through online courses to students from other community colleges across Texas.  SAC is not a host college.  SAC's VCT office cannot enroll SAC students in courses at other community colleges.  Students must first register with their home (host) college in order to take VCT classes at SAC.  

San Antonio College’s involvement in the VCT is in the role of a provider college. As a provider college SAC Online will:

  • Provides instruction for a variety of courses and defines course content and instructional methodologies;
  • Direct all class activities, including assignments and tests and award final grades;
  • Establish academic calendar for courses offered through VCT
  • Provide online book ordering at the College Book Store.  

Procedures for Students

1. Through VCT, once you complete the registration process, you will receive an E-mail
    (SAC VCT Welcome ACES) from our SAC Online VCT Coordinator with instructions 
     to access your online course.

2. The Online Course will be hosted on our Canvas System. Canvas is our 
     Learning Management System (LMS). SAC Online uses Canvas for its internet
     courses. Using Canvas, a student can view course materials, take tests, 
     communicate with the instructor and other students over the Internet using only a 
     web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and possibly a few document viewers and 
     browser plug-ins.

Online Support Resources

Several Online Resources are available to help you get familiar with ACES and Blackboard.  Select the Online Resources link for more information.

Getting the right browser and setting it up correctly is critical to your success with online coursework. Check your browser here.

Additional Information

For more information about the Virtual College of Texas at San Antonio College as a provider, contact the SAC-VCT Coordinator Raven Puente ( or SAC Online office at (210) 486-0030.  For technical assistance, contact our San Antonio College Helpdesk at (210) 486-0777 or send us an E-mail message to Our VCT Office at San Antonio College is located at Moody Learning Center (MLC) 712.


Contact Information

Raven Puente
SAC-VCT Coordinator

Phone: 210-486-0033

Moody Learning Center (MLC - 711)