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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212


Staff Information: S. Garza

Susan Garza

Office: CAC345
Phone: 486-0853 


Associate in Applied Science
Palo Alto College:
May 1987

S.Garza B&W 

Work Philosophy:

I stay ahead of the game. I know what is expected from me by my colleagues, by the students and by others I come in contact with. I attempt to pan for the coming week and month to obtain a smooth running laboratory. I have been educated as well as assisted in the education of our student. I love being a “fly-on-the-wall”. I listen to faculty, students, and staff as I go about my daily chores. One can learn a lot by listening. Once learned share what you have learned. Follow up on critical needs, whether the need is to inform an instructor of students’ problems or doing a task more efficiently. Follow through is vital.

Why I became involved in Biology:

Life, and the aspect of life, never ceases to amaze me. Just when one thinks they understand it all. Another question arises. Life, just as the human body, is made up of so many intricate parts. Each appears to be able to sustain itself. Every part an individual, each has its own job to do, yet each depends on other parts to become complete. No one part is more important than the next. Every individual system, every individual organ, every individual cell is a community building on the next to create an individual. How vast is this concept? Imagine

Recommendations for student success in the classroom:

-Take command of your studies. Come to class prepared. You can NEVER be to prepared.
-Stay ahead of your class schedule. You never know when the “unexpected” will happen. Life is unpredictable.
-Learn to depend on yourself, Do not expect an instructor, an acquaintance, a boy/girlfriend, etc.. to take responsibility for your grade.
-Do not cram. It does not work. A little studying each day does wonders for your grade.
-Do not hear what your instructor is saying LISTEN to what he/she is saying. Understand what he/she is saying. Ask questions until you understand. Have a one-to-one if you need.
-Any way that a student can attempt to get away with cheating has been tried. Do not think you are originally sneaky.
-Ultimately, your grades are earned by you and belong to you. Once earned, no one can borrow or take them from you.

What’s Great about the Biology Department at San Antonio College?

-Dedication is the Biology Department’s best asset. Any student has only to ask, and help is available, Not only by faculty, but also by the staff.
- Our instructors are willing to tutor not only their own students, but any student that is taking Biology. They prove this by assisting in the Bio-Spot.
Each of our instructors dedicates, at least, two (2) hours of their time, weekly, in the Bio-Spot. If there is a student who cannot understand a certain concept and needs a different approach in order to learn this they are welcome to walk into the Bio-Spot while another instructor in this discipline is tutoring. A schedule of instructors is available in the Bio-Spot.
-Staff in the biology department is approachable. Our staff strives to have answers for our students. Any class scheduling questions, problems with equipment or supplies can usually be addressed by our departmental staff.