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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Adjunct Information: X.Zogaj

Dr. Xhavit Zogaj

Office: CAC 345F
Phone: 854-9181


Research Assistant Professor
University of Texas
2006 –

Post Doctoral Researcher
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Doctorate in Microbiology
University of Braunschweig
Ph.D. Degree Granted: September 2004

X. Zogaj B&W 

Teaching Philosophy:

In the micro class we will learn generally about the good, and the bad sides that bacteria have. But, I am much more excited about the opportunity to guide my students through different ways that lead to the answers of an actual microbiology question.

Why I became a Biologist:

I don’t actually know, probably it was a “spontaneous” decision. However I am glad I chose microbiology.

Recommendations for student success in my courses:

Study the lecture and lab materials, go one-step further and read microbiology related papers and news. Share the gained information with us.

What’s great about the Biology Department at San Antonio College?

Our priority is the success of our students. Our faculty and staff are always there for help.

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Biol-2420 Course

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X.Zogaj Schedule