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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Adjunct Information: T. Yingst

Thomas Yingst III

Office: CAC 345F


Master in Science
Case Western Reserve

Teaching Philosophy:

Multimedia oriented student relevant lectures and labs.

 T.Yingst B&W 

Why I became a Biologist:

Because I’m a nerd… that… and never ending sense of curiosity about living creatures.

Recommendations for student success in my courses:

Do the assignments; pay attention in class and study for the quizes. Fifty percent of your grade is based on assignments, group work, and quizzes. You do this; the exams will be a piece of cake.

What’s great about the Biology Department at San Antonio College?

The small classes create a rich learning environment. Instead of a number you are treated as individual. Plus… you get me as a teacher.

Calculate your current grade:

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Biol-2402 Course

What is my schedule?

T. Yingst Schedule