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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Adjunct Information: H.Heckmann

Holly Heckmann

Office: CAC 363
Phone: 486-0846


Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies(forensically focused)
Texas Teck University
Lubbock, Texas
December 2005
Areas of Study:
Anthropology, History, Zoology(Biology) and Museum Science

Bachelor of Arts
Anthropology Major, Biology Minor
Southwest Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas
May 2002


Teaching Philosophy:

My Goal is to enlighten and inspire students while academically integrating the knowledge that will best help them choose a path that will aid them in their academic journey.

Even as an instructor, I strive to learn every day. To gain knowledge is an incredible experience, but to give knowledge is even more exciting. I hope to bring a love of learning into my classroom that cannot be satisfied and leads the student on the same life long journey or quest that academics world-wide have taken.

Why I became a Biologist:

I remember in grade school when I took my first health class, I was hooked. My first career was in nursing. I was the head nurse and office manager of a local pediatric clinic and I decided to go to school to become a doctor. My whole life has been dedicated to understanding the human condition and to enhance others while using my experience gained during my nursing carrer.

What is my schedule?

H. Heckmann Schedule