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David Mrizek, M.A. - V.P. of College Services 

VP-David MrziekBiographical Information 

Professor Mrizek assumed the role of Director of Institutional Planning and Evaluation after it was proposed to the President and subsequently established in September 1996 when it became clear that facilitating an effective institutional effectiveness plan is not a part time job. In 2000 he was asked by the President to assume the responsibilities as the Budget Officer for the college.  The title was changed to reflect the new responsibilities.  The Office of Institutional Effectiveness was established at the same time.  He oversees planning, the budget, and research.  In August of 2003 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the college.  In December, 2007, he was approved as Vice President of College Services.

He is has been on the faculty at San Antonio College since 1970, four years as adjunct while serving in the U.S. Air Force and full time since January 1974. His first six years as a tenure track faculty member he was the Director of Forensics, the Speech Coach, in the Theatre and Communication Department. He was chair of that department from 1983 until he assumed the position as Director of Institutional Planning and Evaluation.

As a two term, six year member of the Faculty Senate; two years as Secretary, one year as Vice Chair and one year as Chair, he was heavily involved in negotiations related to budget allocation within the district and at the college. As a  member of the District Strategic Planning Team since 1994, chairing the committee which wrote the mission statement of the Alamo Community College District, he was intimately involved in the development and subsequent modification of the ACCD Strategic Plan. As a  member, and chair for two years, of the College Planning Council, now the Strategic Quality Enhancement Team , since 1992, he has been deeply involved in the planning efforts at the college. He spearheaded an ACCD Focus Group Project and chaired the steering committee. He is currently a member of the President's Staff.  He has served on numerous committees at both the college and in the district.

His work as Director of Planning and Evaluation resulted in a successful response to the Southern Association regarding planning and evaluation at the college. Subsequently he assisted Palo Alto College in modifying their planning and evaluation process enabling them to develop a successful response to SACS.  Additionally, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in it 1999 report to the college after an extensive site visit stated, "The team commends the college on this exemplary strategic planning process."

In 2000 he compiled a "Fifth Year Report" required by SACS addressing concerns with planning and evaluation in Student Service units.  The report was accepted and no additional report are required closing reaffirmation issues stemming from the 1995 self study and site visit.

In 2001 the college was approved to open a Northeast Campus.  This approval was given after review of a "Substantive Change Prospectus" he prepared.

He has been a frequent presenter at state, national, and international conferences on the subject of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning.

Mr. Mrizek received his B.S. in Education and M.A. in Rhetoric and Public Address degrees from Eastern Illinois University. He has done additional graduate work in Communication, Education and Community College Development at Southwest Texas State University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Concerning his current position Mrizek stated: "I really love this job. I realized I have always been a strategic planner. I just didn't know it by that description. When people would ask me how I retain such a positive attitude, I would tell them I always think in five year blocks of time. If I have a vision of what I want to happen five years down the road, I don't get as discouraged when I hit a brick wall or two along the way. I just bounce back and look for a gate."

David Mrizek
Vice President of College Services
Phone:  210-486-0937
FAC 314C

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Vice President of College Services 

Ester Coronado
Program Coordinator
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Martha Castro
Administrative Assistant to Vice President
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