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Program and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

In the attempt to ensure that Assessment is embedded in the culture of Northeast Lakeview College, the PSLOAC was formed and replaced the previous work team of Student Learning Outcomes Task Force.

Committee membership includes a minimum of the following:

  • One faculty liaison from each academic division (including the library)
  • Representative from Institutional Planning & Research office
  • Representative from College Services
  • Representative from Student Success
  • Representative from the NLC Curriculum Committee
  • Representative from the offices of the Deans of Arts and Sciences, Learning Resources, and Workforce/CE
  • Representative from the NLC student body



The Northeast Lakeview College (NLC) Program and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (Assessment Committee) is committed to building and maintaining a culture of learning in which students, faculty, and staff share a common understanding of the meaning, purpose, and utility of assessment.  The Assessment Committee characterizes this process as using student data to improve learning through a continuous cycle of gathering, analyzing, and applying this information to improve student learning. The committee is charged with defining the assessment process at NLC, ensuring that appropriate assessment procedures and practices are followed, and for providing a forum for dialogue regarding assessment issues to support the college community.


The Program and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee has several broad goals and responsibilities:

1. Devise appropriate recommendations and procedures facilitating ongoing assessment activities in order to measure and enhance the quality of the educational experience at Northeast Lakeview College. This focuses primarily on the assessment of learning outcomes.

2. Determine what is currently done to assess student learning and development. This includes examination of:

  • entry level assessment of students' basic academic skills
  • entry level assessment of students' goals
  • specific program assessment of students' learning and development (this could include formative as well as summative outcomes assessment relating to skills and knowledge), and exit and post graduation assessment of students' skills and goal accomplishment.

3. Propose recommendations facilitating ongoing assessment practices which measure, document and enhance continuous quality improvement and institutional effectiveness.

4. Recommend appropriate training and educational opportunities for faculty and staff in order to facilitate the necessary awareness and understanding of key assessment issues and practices.


The Assessment Committee's role and functions include the following:

The Assessment Committee operates under the direction of the Co-chairs of Assessment who report to the Vice-President of Academic Success.

The Committee's composition has a provision for the rotation of committee members so as to maintain continuity and add new perspectives.

The Committee has a permanent position in the college organizational hierarchy.

The Committee is responsible for formulating policies and encouraging continued growth and development of assessment activities for NLC.

When necessary, subcommittees will be formed to create or carry out procedures necessarily to implement recommended policies and practices.

Each division has an individual designated as an assessment liaison. This liaison is responsible for encouraging assessment activities and assisting faculty in obtaining the resources and support they need to make assessment activities meaningful and successful.

Liaisons are appointed by Deans in consultation with the chairs and subject to the approval of the Vice President of Academic Success. Liaisons are faculty members with a genuine interest in assessment issues and activities, and their duties include:

  • Serving on the Assessment Committee under the direction of the Chair of Assessment.
  • Helping to implement assessment activities.
  • Communicating with each department on a regular basis including attendance at departmental, division and chairs meetings.
  • Pinpointing specific divisional needs.
  • Helping the chair of assessment establish and fulfill divisional research needs.
  • Remaining current and knowledgeable regarding assessment issues and communicating that knowledge to their respective divisions.
  • Assisting in the development and maintenance of a current database on divisional assessment activities and preparing an annual report on the state of assessment in their respective divisions.
  • Assisting the Director of Institutional Research gather necessary assessment data for their divisions
  • Any other duties requested by the Chair of Assessment.

Additional funding and resources for non-academic departments involved in assessment activities is allocated as needed in order to assure the continuance and effectiveness of the assessment of basic skills.

Communication among faculty, staff, and administration is stressed. Channels of communication such as the Monday Minutes, Faculty Senate and Staff Council, First Friday, presentations at division meetings and assigned committees are utilized on a regular basis.


The responsibilities of the Co-Chair of the Assessment Committee are:

Chair the college-wide Committee on the Assessment of Student Learning.

Prepare annual reports on assessment policies and their implementation, specific assessment activities, and the impact of assessment at NLC.

Work with deans, chairpersons, divisional liaisons, faculty and staff in promoting, developing and implementing formative and summative outcomes assessment and related activities.

In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Planning and Research, conduct research pertaining to assessment issues, analyze the resultant data, and prepare and disseminate reports on assessment studies to appropriate campus constituencies.

Plan and implement projects that will help faculty and departments improve teaching and enhance student learning.

Collaborate on the development of educational and training activities pertaining to assessment for faculty and staff.

In conjunction with the Office of Grants and College Development, seek external funding for development of assessment activities.

Work with Student Success in facilitating entry level and follow-up assessment of basic skills; analyze the resultant data and provide reports to the faculty.

Document measures of instructional and institutional effectiveness as required by the SACS-COC, THECB, and other external agencies.

Keep abreast of developments in the field and disseminate this knowledge to faculty and staff as needed.

Assist divisional liaisons, deans and department chairs in Integrating assessment activities and data into the department review process.

Work with the Office of Institutional Planning and Research, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the VPAS to design and maintain a student tracking system.

Serve on appropriate college wide committees, as assigned.

Other responsibilities as assigned by the Vice-President for Academic Success.