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We offer what you need to achieve success. Come explore and find out why so many students have decided to call one of the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District the pathway to their future.

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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Workforce Training Network Contacts  


Name  Title Phone Email
Colin Nichols  Director of CE -Sales & Partnership 210-485-0817
Larry Jackson Director of CE - Instr & Curriculum Dev 210-485-0841 
Art Hall Director of CE -Research & Assessment 210-485-0856
Steven Sparks Director of CE - Operations 210-485-0805
Kathryn Ashworth Director of CE - Marketing 210-485-0859


Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Carreon      Admin Assistant to the AVC 210-485-0882
Erlinda Allison Admin Services Specialist 210-485-0860
Angeline Orozco  Admin Services Specialist 210-485-0861

Sales & Partnership

Name Title Phone Email
Juan Song          Account Executive 210-485-0827
Janice Wehrman      Coordinator Occupational Programs 210-486-5904
Kathy Fogle Corporate Liaison 210-485-0863
Raquel Perez      Corporate Liaison 210-485-0815
Cristina Sanchez Corporate Liaison 210-485-0851 

Research & Assessment

Name Title Phone Email
Gregory Ayres CE Program Analyst 210-485-0830
Mary Jane Cardenas CE Research Analyst 210-485-0820 

Instructor & Curriculum Development

Name Title Phone Email
Shannon Reynolds, M.Ed. Curriculum Development Specialist 210-485-0810
Diana L Sanchez  CE Budget Coordinator 210-485-0845
Pauline Ramirez  Educator Prep Program Manager  210-485-5902
Daniel Martin Sherry Tech Trainer II 210-485-0871
Jessica Renee Rendon CE Program Manager  210-485-0828


Name Title Phone Email
Robert C Acosta   Social Media Specialist 210-485-0883


Name Title Phone Email
Jenny Moya Student Services Professional 210-486-5912
Michelle D Burnett Coordinator Workforce Education 210-486-5913
Robert Fernandez Student Services Professional 210-486-0266


Workforce Training Network College Representatives

For enrollment assistance call Enrollment Services at (210) 486-5910.  

Northeast Lakeview College - Information Technology - CATE Building Room 210H
Name Title Phone Email
Anthony Andrade Program Manager  210-486-5386
Norma Gutierrez Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-5380
Northwest Vista College - Business & Communication Arts - Mountain Laurel Hall Room 234 
Name Title Phone Email
Christine Maddox Program Manager 210-486-4415
Amparo Polendo Garcia   Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-4421
Palo Alto College - Health and Biosciences - Sabine Hall Room 115
Name Title Phone Email
David Rutkoski  Program Manager 210-486-3921 
Angela Garcia Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-3325
San Antonio College - Public Service
Name Title Phone Email 
Institute of Public Service - Oppenheimer Building Suite 322A    
Joanna Grogan Program Manager 210-486-0409
Deborah J. Harrison Admin. Service Specialist  210-486-0401
Law Enforcement Academy - Chance Academic Center Room 136
Frank Francis  Academy Director 210-486-1337 
Michelle Contreras Admin. Service Specialist 210-486-1336
 St. Philip's College - Manufacturing and Logistics
Name Title Phone Email
Manufacturing & Logistics - Applied Science Building Room 200D      
Alfred Landeros Program Manager 210-486-2787