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EDGE Program Sparks Interest in Engineering

The EDGE summer program uses hands-on experience to spark high school students' interest in engineering. Read More >

EDGE 480x270

EDGE Program Sparks Interest in Engineering

The EDGE summer program uses hands-on experience to spark high school students' interest in engineering. Read More >

Studying Featured

GED-to-College Class Accepting New Students

The Empowerment Center is currently accepting new students for its Fall 2014 GED-to-College class. Read More >

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Bike Safety at SAC

Important reminders regarding bike safety from campus police. Read More >

Dr. Robert Vela

New President Announced

Dr. Robert Vela named 12th President of San Antonio College. Read More >

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

First time in college students are required to attend New Student Orientation. Read More >

Bike Safety at SAC

As a new semester approaches, campus police would like to provide students, faculty and staff with important bike safety information. Those who haven’t already done so are encouraged to register their bike with campus police by filing out the form here.

Here are some tips to avoid bicycle theft:

1. Always lock your bike! It takes only seconds to pedal away on an unlocked bike.

2. Use two different locks, with separate locking mechanisms. Thieves carry tools that will either snip cables, or pry-apart U-locks “but rarely both. A cable-lock and a U-lock together are very secure.

3. Each lock should have its own built-in locking device (a key-lock or combination lock, but not a padlock). Don’t use a cable that’s secured by a U-lock “once the thief gets through the U-lock, he’s got your bike!

4. Pull your cable lock through both wheels, and lock it around a bike rack or other closed loop stand. Open-top posts (like parking meters or traffic signs) let thieves lift bikes over them. If you use a cable lock and a U-lock, you don’t need to remove your front wheel to secure it.

5. Remember to wrap your U-lock around a secure post or fixed object. Then pass it around your rear wheel rim inside the bike’s rear triangle. It’s not necessary for the lock to secure the frame “if the U-lock locks the rim inside of the frame triangle behind your seat-tube, the bike cannot be stolen by removing the rear wheel. If you can get the frame as well that is a bonus.

6. A small U-lock is better than a large one. Small locks are much harder to pry open with a crowbar than a wide U-lock.

You can also help insure bike safety by:

•Taking removable gear on your bike with you, including pumps, lights, and other accessories.

•Parking your bike where you see other bikes parked. Seek lighted areas with foot traffic.

•Writing your name and telephone number on a piece of Tyvek (a sturdy cloth-like plastic available at hardware stores), and identifying yourself as the bike’s owner. Put this inside your rear tire between the rim and the inner tube. A bike shop will see this if they are asked to repair a flat tire! You can also write your name and info on a piece of paper and hide it under the seat post tube. It is also a good idea to find a hidden place on your bike and scratch an initial or some kind of identifying mark that you use to identify your bike if it gets stolen.