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Objective II.

Learning: We enhance engagement, success, and learning for all. 

 Strategy II.A.  Learning Quality and Effectiveness – Enhance curriculum and teaching and learning models to improve student learning outcomes.

OAP II.A.1Learning Outcomes - Measure, review and Improve Student Learning Outcomes by discipline and program (academic and student success). Identify SLO’s, develop assessment plans, carry out evaluations, and implement improvements.

  1. a. Academic Discipline Learning Outcomes - Programs to align student learning outcomes.
  2. success). Identify SLO’s, develop assessment plans, carry out evaluations, and implement improvements.
  1. b. Workforce Discipline Learning Outcomes - Programs to align student learning outcomes.

  2. Student Success Learning Outcomes - Each area will identify student learning outcomes.

OAP II.A.2. Distance learning – Improve distance learning success and retention through evaluation, support services and faculty development. (2011)

  1. Online high-risk courses - Develop an evaluation that identifies high risk courses; for each high risk course determine root cause and develop strategies for improvement.
  2. Improve student support services online - e.g. Hola, Boldchat, Degree Works, CAMS and other services.

OAP II.A.3.  Interdisciplinary Programs – Grow and strengthen Interdisciplinary programs.

  1. Develop and implement core to core learning communities.
  2. Honor’s Program – Identify additional faculty to work on this initiative, develop a plan that re-invents the focus of program.
  3. Service Learning – Task force to develop and/or expand service learning goals and initiatives.
  4. Peace and Conflict Studies – Develop a module on conflict management and resolution to incorporate into the core curriculum (Determine where in the core) Mexican American Studies.
  5. Prepare students for college-level Instruction and success through Student Development Courses, co-curricular programs (ambassadors, etc.).

OAP II.A.4.  Workforce Program Plan – Expand the number of Workforce Programs.

OAP II.A.5.  Community Education – Assess and expand community education programs based on return on Investment and community needs.

Strategy II.B.  Employee Learning and Engagement – Enhance critical communication flow processes, employee development and evaluation system, and college culture to assure employee effectiveness, engagement, and learning.

OAP II.B.1.  Faculty  Development and Staff Development – Enhance employee development to engage all faculty and staff members. Expand developmental education orientation model to all faculty (share Information on model).

  1. Strengthen and expand faculty orientation model used by Developmental Education faculty.
  2. Increase faculty development offerings online - Improve and Implement on-line training and resources – Identify a timeline for E-Team input and another timeline for implementation.
  3. Increase Staff Development offerings, including those online.
  4. Create faculty and staff development requirements to include number of hours required each year and any other specific requirements.

OAP II.B.2.  Valuing Diversity  - Develop and Implement training in valuing diversity  

OAP II.B.3.  Conflict Resolution – Infuse conflict management training across college. 

OAP II.B.4. Leadership Cultivation -  Create employee evaluation and development models that tie to succession planning.

  1. Prepare employees for leadership positions through Leadership Development Team.
  2. Leadership Lab – develop promising leaders and assess next steps move to Leadership Lab II.