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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Mon - Thur: 7:30am to 6:00pm

What is a Network Administrator?

These workers provide day-to-day on site administrative support for software users in a variety of work environments, including professional offices, small businesses, government and large corporations. They maintain network hardware and software, analyze problems and monitor the network to ensure availability to system users. Network administrators gather data to identify customer needs and then use that information to identify, interpret and evaluate system and network requirements. They may also plan, coordinate and implement network security measures.

Do I need any experience to pursue my Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Security and Assurance at Northwest Vista College?

Our Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Security and Assurance starts from the ground up, and requires no prior security experience. Students are expected to have basic computer skills, access to the Internet, and access to either a Windows or UNIX-based PC (Mac/Linux).

What industries will the AAS-Network Administrator prepare me for?

Students earning this degree will be prepared to pursue information technology and networking careers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, hosting companies, financial services, education, entertainment, and basically any employer with a computer network. 

What is Information Security and Assurance?

Information security is the process of protecting and defending information systems to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data to authorized users. Information assurance is a broader term that encompasses information security activities in addition to strategic and corporate governance issues including privacy, regulatory and standards compliance, physical security, risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.


What is the job outlook for Information Security and Assurance?

San Antonio (and Central Texas) is nationally recognized as a “cybersecurity hub” and a leader in the field of information assurance, both from a military and civilian perspective. The U.S. Air Force’s Cyber Command is located in San Antonio. Jobs in cyber security are projected to grow twice as fast as the average for all occupations in the economy between the years 2008 and 2018. Due to technology’s continually growing role in our everyday lives, this is a field that will only increase in relevance over the coming years.


Check out this list of the 20 coolest careers in information security and assurance, compiled by SANS: 


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What jobs will the AAS-Network Administrator prepare me for?

Entry-level career opportunities such as Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Installer, Network Technician, or Help Desk Technician.

What will I learn in the Network Administrator program?

With an emphasis on practical experience, students learn the basics of routing, switching, wireless, troubleshooting, as well as the basics of the Linux Operating System and how to configure, design and manage Microsoft Servers.
Academic Departments

Program Coordinators

Network Administrator
Bobby Yeater
Program Coordinator
Phone: 210-486-4061
Office: MLH-201

Information Security & Assurance
Alan Rynarzewski
Program Coordinator
Phone: 210-486-4060
Office: MLH-201

Area Contacts

Emily Coppin
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 210-486-4352
Office: MLH-201

Adriana Garza
Administrative Associate
Phone: 210-486-4354
Office: MLH-201

John Grillo
Academic Chair, Workforce Programs
Phone: 210-486-4054
Office: MLH-201A