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Basic Residency Information

An individual's residency classification is based on information from his/her ApplyTexas application.  To qualify as a Texas resident, an individual must live in Texas for one year and establish a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment. An applicant or student who is claimed as a dependent on a parent's most recent federal tax return may be classified based on the parent's qualifications for residency with proper documentation. 

 amount of tuition you are charged is based on your residency classification, which is determined according to the information you submit on the ApplyTexas application. You may also be asked to provide documentary evidence that proves your residency status.  

The general residency classifications for tuition purposes are as follows: 

  • In-district (Bexar County resident): A Texas resident who has lived in Texas for the past 12 months and resides in Bexar County. 
  • Out-of-district: A Texas resident for the past 12 months who does not reside in Bexar County. 
  • Out-of-state: A U.S. citizen who has not lived in Texas for the past 12 months. 
  • Out-of-country: A non U.S. citizen who is not a resident alien. 

Your residency classification is based on rules and regulations established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 19-Education, Part 1-Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Chapter 21-Student Services, Subchapter B-Determination of Resident Status.  If you have questions about residency, you may contact Admissions and Records.  Information on residency is subject to change at any time due to State or immigration laws/regulations.   

The student has the burden of proof to show by clear and convincing evidence that residence or domicile, as appropriate, has been established and maintained in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code. 

An individual whose initial purpose for moving to Texas is to attend an institution of higher education as a full-time student will be presumed not to have the required intent to make Texas his or her domicile; however, the presumption may be overruled by clear and convincing evidence. 

An individual shall not ordinarily be able to establish domicile by performing acts which are directly related to fulfilling educational objectives or which are required or routinely performed by temporary residents of the State. 

Contact Information

Roger Gardner

Coordinator of Residency & Reports

Phone: (210) 486-4141

Fax: (210) 486-9091

Jennifer Chopra

Senior Specialist Reports

Phone: (210) 486-4178

Fax: (210) 486-9091



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