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Alumni Story: Angelica Esparza

Angelica“An associate degree serves as a reminder that I’m not done with my educational goals.” 

As a busy single mom of a teenage daughter, Angelica Esparza hasn’t pushed her educational goals to the side. After receiving her associate of arts degree from Northwest Vista College in 2010, her new objective is to get a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M in San Antonio.

When Angelica is not volunteering with the Taft Raider Band for her daughter, she works full time in NVC’s Workforce Education & Training Continuing Education department.

“I had great instructors when I was a student. I met great staff members when I was a work study and have collaborated with many more since I’ve become full-time staff.  The people here are nice, friendly and super smart. Some are also witty and have talents outside teaching or working as staff.”

Earning an associate degree at NVC has given Angelica the knowledge to work as an 

administrative services specialist in her area; and has afforded her the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

“An associate degree serves as a reminder that I’m not done with my educational goals.”

Angelica encourages other students to take their education seriously and jump at every opportunity presented.  

“Volunteer your time, talent or skills to an organization on or off campus, get involved with community service in and around San Antonio as well as community service projects with a nonprofit organization like the Food Bank, and take leadership classes even if you don’t think you need them right now. Serving not only makes you feel good on the inside, it makes you a better person and helps to build your resume.”   

Angelica’s favorite Vista Value: Learning



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