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Alumni Stories > Mark and Angela

Alumni Story: Mark and Angela Walley

Mark and Angela“An associate’s degree gave us a head start in creating our business.” 

Mark and Angela Walley both graduated from Northwest Vista College in 2007, with associate’s degrees in New Media Communication. The husband and wife team are now small business owners, working full time as filmmakers with their independent production company, Walley Films. Their experiences beyond NVC have led the duo to working on numerous artist documentaries and short films for museums, galleries and nonprofit organizations.

Both Angela and Mark say that NVC helped influence their decision to become filmmakers together.

“We didn’t know what we wanted to do going into college, but we took advantage of every opportunity that came our way,” they said. 
The relationships made at Vista also paved the way for their creative growth. 

“Not only did our associate's degrees prepare us to become freelance filmmakers, but our professors saw potential in us and helped us get started working independently.”

The Walleys say that the key to success as a student is to work hard and do what you love.

“Your education will only be as good as the effort you put into it, so give it your all and you’ll be rewarded,” they said.
The two say that their favorite Vista value of Synergy perfectly summarizes their partnership.
“We try to appreciate each other’s efforts every day, knowing that collaboration is the key to our success.”

Favorite Vista Value: Synergy


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